2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour entry applications open tomorrow


(Cape Town, 08 September 2015) A reminder to all prospective 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour riders: Online entry applications open on Wednesday, 09 September 2015 at 1pm and will stay open for two and half weeks, closing on Monday, 28 September at 1pm.

Entry applications amount to an indication of interest only and do not ensure entry.  Cycle Tour entries will be awarded at random, regardless of whether interest is registered on the first or the last day of the application period.

In August 2015, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (CTCTT), organisers of the annual iconic event, announced a new online entry application process for 2016 which has been introduced to eliminate the quick sell-out of entries and improve cyclists’ overall experience.  David Bellairs, a CTCTT director, says: “This is the first time Cycle Tour has moved away from the first-come-first-serve entry mechanism, and we believe this new system will ensure a more equitable and inclusive process for all prospective riders.  We want to remind applicants that they do not need to rush to be the first in line as soon as the portal opens. Instead, they are able to apply for an entry at their convenience during the allocated period, giving all eager riders a fair chance to access the online portal to register their interest and to update their details at the same time.”

The Cape Town Cycle Tour takes place on Sunday, 06 March 2016 and is limited to 35,000 riders.  All entry applicants must follow the clear three-step process to apply for a 2016 entry.

How to apply for a public entry to the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour:

  • Entry application:

From Wednesday, 09 September at 1pm until Monday, 28 September at 1pm, prospective local and international riders can apply, free of charge, for an entry at www.capetowncycletour.com.

  • Entry confirmation:

During the week of 2 October, successful applicants will receive an email notification from the Cycle Tour Events Office, advising them that their application has been successful.

  • Securing an entry:

Successful applicants will have until Monday, 26 October at 1pm to make payment which will secure their entry.  Payment not received by this date, or should the applicant opt to decline the entry awarded to them, will result in that entry being made available to a previously unsuccessful rider.  Local general entries will cost R470 per rider.

Corporate Group entries will no longer be available this year, so those who have made use of these in the past will need to follow the public entry application process.  A certain number of the entries will be made available via charity groups at varying costs and unsuccessful applicants or corporate group riders are encouraged to support a worthy cause by entering via one of the successfully listed charities.

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For any event queries, or assistance with entries, please contact the Cycle Tour Events Office during office hours on 087 820 7223 or visit www.capetowncycletour.com.