Beloved Specialized Prevail – RIP

This past weekend at the Cycle Tour MTB Challenge, my helmet fulfilled its intended purpose and saved my noggin in a crash. I was coming down a very loose, steep and rocky descent that had an off-camber right hand turn at the bottom. I was trying to navigate the ruts and make the turn when, bam! I hit the deck. Hard. My head hit a rock and I opened a nasty gash in my elbow and immediately had bright red blood running into my glove. So awesome. But ultimately I was fine and able to continue thanks to my helmet. At the finish, while the medics attended to my gash, I saw that my helmet was cracked right through. Bummer. But it did its job.

So I thought I would write a tribute to my beloved Specialized Prevail, which I am laying to rest.

I have always noticed that lots of people wear the Specialized Prevail helmet, but I just thought people bought them because awesome athletes like Erik and Ariane Kleinhans, Conrad Stoltz, Javier Gomez and Cherise Taylor wore them.


Then I got one. So now I know the real reasons.

It looks great when composing pictures for Instagram:


It is super light at only 174g. Like super light. If you need to shave some grams off your total bike package weight then buying yourself this helmet will go a long way.

But seriously, it is super light. After wearing a Prevail you will struggle to wear anything else.

It comes in different colours


And you can wear it on epic adventures like riding up Hans se Kop in Grabouw.

It is super comfortable – JB (pictured above) never takes his off. Not even when having coffee at the end of a ride.

It is super well ventilated. There are deep channels inside the helmet through which the air is directed to exit through aligned exhausted ports. It is so nice to feel the wind rush through your hair on hair-raising descents and have Cape Town’s South Easter keep your head cool on hot rides around the peninsula. This is probably its best feature.


The large vents also allow for the fattest of fingers to sort out an itch.


It looks good from all angles and you can store your sunglasses safely and securely at the back of the helmet when you’re not using them. Winning.

The fit is infinitely adjustable, but can also be dialed in very quickly. I also love the very lightweight straps that don’t touch your face much or annoy you.

The helmet doesn’t actually touch your face. It is designed to sit away from your forehead and only the foam touches your face at the front meaning that there are no pressure points.


Cooler heads prevail!

Get yours at Freewheel Cycology in Kenilworth

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