FedGroup Berg & Bush Great Trek Stage 2

Riders battling up Spioenkop - Photo EmGatland

Riders battling up Spioenkop – Photo EmGatland

When the word Spioenkop is mention at a race briefing you know the following day will be a proper day of mountain biking.

And stage 2 came with a couple of new twists; this 60km route would offer the riders 1500 meters of climbing and a whole lot of brand new single track.

The day started with riders hitting Fanakalore (Funny Galore..as pronounced by our American visitors) a superb piece of single track carved into the foot of Spioenkop.

You then hit the first big climb of the day, a steep track over Lantana Hill. Riders then got rewarded with jaw-dropping single track through the dongas and ravines of Grootehoek.

Some fast single track takes you through Grumpy Hill and Carlos before heading up your second climb towards Three Tree Hill water point, the first for today at the 35km mark.

Mother Nature had to put her stamp on the race with a 20km Western wind stopping the rider’s right in their tracks. The climb up to the water point was well rewarded with a world class spread.

The route again takes you down the Bone Rattler and as you turn right the infamous Spioenkop climb with its 14 bumps awaits you. Getting up this huge climb, turn ordinary riders in to legends, if you manage to stay on your bike.

And with hard work comes great reward, the single track back to the Em’seni was nothing more than world class. Bell Equipment came on board and turned the berms and jumps at the bottom into something that left grown man giggle like prom girls.

Again a hard day of proper mountain biking that would test every rider that took part but keep them smiling.