The Garmin Fenix 3 – Bluetooth is your friend


Bluetooth used to be what you got when you chewed on your BiC pen in school. Today it is something entirely different, and some people shy away from it. I’ve come across quite a few athletes that use a late model Garmin multisport watch like the Fenix 3, but do not use the Bluetooth connectivity. They feel safe sticking to ...

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You can log your swim drills.

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Logging your swim sets works fine with most multi-sport watches, till it gets to the drill sets. Previously you could either let the watch run, or press pause. That meant no timing, or logging a garbled mixture of backstroke, front crawl or whatever stroke the accelerometer of the watch assumed you were doing. With the Fenix 3, Garmin cleared the ...

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The Garmin Fenix 3 – It is a triathlon watch. And more.


The Garmin Fenix 3 is a full blown triathlon watch. What necessitates this statement? Since the 910XT and 920XT have gained a solid reputation as Garmin’s dedicated triathlon watches, I came across some triathletes that seemed to be unsure about where the Fenix 3 exactly fits in. To quote DC Rainmaker, arguably the world’s best high tech gear reviewer: “The ...

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Heart rate monitoring makes a giant leap forward


For the past 30 years, heart rate monitors have helped millions achieve measured success during exercise. Whether for fitness, specific sports improvement, recovery from illness or weight loss, heart rate monitors have allowed men and women to understand and manage the duration and intensity of their efforts more effectively and achieve their desired results. There’s always been one major drawback ...

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The Garmin Fenix 3 – The Triathlon Race Test


My brand new Garmin Fenix 3 multi-sport watch was ready for its first test at the Cape Town leg of the ITU World Triathlon Series, but the 9 degree water temperature had the swim cancelled. With reluctance I deleted the swim leg on the triathlon settings and that was it: the triathlon became a duathlon. Still, the day turned out ...

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The Garmin Fenix 3. Dress for success.


Sports watches are about functionality. They do what they are supposed to do: track your sports activities. However, many athletes take it off and revert to their favourite dress watch when they step out of the shower. With the Fenix 3 there is no more need for it. Its functionality outclasses any other sports watch, and the box for a ...

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Puma partners with Wings for Life World Run

PUMA are very excited to announce their partnership with Wings for Life World Run

Cape Town, South Africa (15 April, 2015) – PUMA has partnered with Wings for Life World Run, confirming a multi-year partnership that kicks off in May this year. This unique event enables runners to compete simultaneously around the world from 35 locations, running as far as they can before a moving finish line, called the Catcher Car, overtakes them. PUMA ...

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PUMA has introduced the new Faas 300 v4 to the Faas family collection

PUMA 187529_03_Faas#136832D

Description (Profile):  The updated Faas 300 v4 continues to be the perfect performance training shoe in the Faas collection. With a lightweight technical platform and a minimal and deconstructed upper, this shoe will make any runner feel lighter and faster whether it be training runs or races. Upper:  AIRMESH: Provides breathability & comfort SUPREME RIDE SOCKLINER: Lightweight & breathable perforated ...

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