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Not drowning according to Robyn

Straight pull and rotating hips in the TYR Torque swim skin - photo credit Joshua Hodge

I love swimming. I was born to swim and I’ve spent 18 of my 25 years doing it. I also blame the fact that I am a bit socially inept on the fact that my head was always under water during my school years. My mom took me to my first coach, Brian Button, at the age of 7. I ...

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The Garmin Fenix 3 – It is a triathlon watch. And more.


The Garmin Fenix 3 is a full blown triathlon watch. What necessitates this statement? Since the 910XT and 920XT have gained a solid reputation as Garmin’s dedicated triathlon watches, I came across some triathletes that seemed to be unsure about where the Fenix 3 exactly fits in. To quote DC Rainmaker, arguably the world’s best high tech gear reviewer: “The ...

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Injury – Blessing or curse


By Morne Van Greunen. Let’s just be honest – being injured SUCKS and usually comes at the most inconvenient times ever! You are in great shape, your motivation levels are high and you are having an amazing race….and then out of nowhere BAM your body or fate or the universe just decides it’s time for you to STOP! It has ...

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The Garmin Fenix 3 – The Triathlon Race Test


My brand new Garmin Fenix 3 multi-sport watch was ready for its first test at the Cape Town leg of the ITU World Triathlon Series, but the 9 degree water temperature had the swim cancelled. With reluctance I deleted the swim leg on the triathlon settings and that was it: the triathlon became a duathlon. Still, the day turned out ...

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Skratch Labs exercise hydration mix review


What you put in your bottle and how attentive you are to drinking it is directly related to how well the training session turns out and how good you feel at the end of it (believe me; I have first-hand experience of this). Not attending to your nutrition while training and racing can cause issues like much-dreaded cramping and bonking, ...

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Standard Bank Ironman 2015 – Managing the fear!

IM-Managing-the-fear copy

Any Ironman is scary, and Standard Bank Ironman 2015 will be as well. Period. You know your body will experience pain way above and beyond what it is used to. First on any athlete’s mind is: will I be the best I can be on race day? The other nagging fear is: how will my day unfold? Will there be ...

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What a beaut… Pronutro African X 2015

Edwin Sesipi and Johardt Van Heerden of Team 32gi Gauteng Men's clinched the Stage One victory completing the 34km route in a blistering fast time of 02 hours 21 minutes 37 seconds.   Seen here (from left to right):  Thabang Madiba, Eric Ngubane, AJ Calitz, Edwin Sesipi and Johardt Van Heerden in action on the day.  Photo Credit:  Volume Photography

So it’s Monday morning and I’m sitting in a coffee shop at Willowbridge Shopping Centre (Northern suburbs of Cape Town) with mixed emotions. Luckily I know the feeling of discontent after a big event and therefor I took an extra day off before “returning to reality”. This is something I would advise all normal & working athletes to do, as ...

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