Choose your own adventure with the all-new TomTom RIDER


Johannesburg, 12 August 2015 – TomTom (TOM2) launches the all-new TomTom RIDER, designed to make every motorcycle ride more exciting. For the first time, bikers can choose the level of twists and turns they want to ride to create their own adrenaline-filled adventure.

The all-new TomTom RIDER helps bikers discover and explore new routes. Simply select an area to ride on the map and TomTom RIDER will suggest the most exciting round-trip. Bikers can build excitement before setting out by creating and sharing touring adventures with friends and uploading direct to their TomTom RIDER.

The RIDER comes pre-installed with a full map of Africa with 57 African countries and Free Lifetime Map updates. The map coverage includes over 7 million KM of roads and off roads, more than 1 million Points of Interest such as campsites, petrol stations and national parks making it the perfect African companion, from the city to the great outdoors.


The device also makes use of TomTom’s Lifetime Traffic feeds to create a real-time map for users to choose the safest route based on congested roads. Paul de Walder, Director at Think Bike, a non-profit company adds, “Think Bike is well known as a non-profit motorcycle safety awareness campaign. We fully endorse the use of TomTom Traffic as an additional safety tool for everyday use on a motorcycle.”

“We believe that every ride is a chance for adventure,” said Wesley Zinn, Country Manager, TomTom Sub Saharan Africa. “So we have designed TomTom RIDER to give bikers more ways to create and discover exciting routes. From the freedom of cruising the open road, safety in the city avoiding congested areas, to the thrill of leaning into the tightest curve on the highest peak, with RIDER, bikers can create and ride their own perfect adventure.”

The stylish, yet rugged TomTom RIDER has been completely redesigned for life on the road.

An innovative rotating mount, allows bikers to switch to portrait view to see more of the bends ahead. It has a glove-friendly, interactive screen to make it easy to find and explore new places. Bluetooth enabled audio instructions delivered to the headset or helmet, gives bikers more freedom to just enjoy the ride.