Connect and train- take wellness to the cloud

My Wellness Cloud iPad

My Wellness Cloud iPad

Home wellness reaches new heights with the Mywellness cloud by Technogym a unique platform that enhances workout experiences and provides health club operators, healthcare professionals and personal trainers with a way to improve their business and stay in contact with their members and clients.

Nowadays people are permanently connected to their email, their photos and their documents. Our digital world enables us to constantly connect with smartphones, tablets and other new technologies and the use of cloud technology to keep everything within reach has changed the way we think and operate. Now it can also change the way we exercise.

Connect to your own wellness

“Mywellness cloud is designed to manage fitness and enhance your lifestyle. Finding time to manage your exercise regime can be difficult, which is why Mywellness cloud will provide the support you need.” says Tony Payne, Marketing Director of Technogym South Africa. This unique digital platform allows you to keep track of your workouts and is the only cloud technology that can be accessed from smartphones, tablets and other personal fitness devices as well as directly from Technogym equipment.

Users can select training programmes from a comprehensive library, track workout results and change exercises programmes. The cloud also connects to a host of wearable fitness tracking devices (such as Garmin, Polar, Fitbit and Jawbone) and applications such as Map my fitness, Strava, Runkeeper and Myfitnesspal.

Connect to a personal trainer

According to Payne “Mywellness cloud offers a unique opportunity for business operators and personal trainers with professional applications and technologies to create personalised training programmes for their customers.”

When personal trainers sign members up, they can access information from the member’s profile and create a tailor-made, personalised programme based on the individual’s personal needs, experience and motivation.

While most fitness tracking devices only log information, the Mywellness cloud can connect users with their coaches, trainers, doctors or medical professionals. The programme, which provides lists of exercises linked to educational videos, is stored in the cloud and can be accessed on a PC, mobile phone application or wellness key. Individual results are automatically gathered and the personal trainer can use this information to measure progress and adjust the programmes accordingly. “With the My Coach App, trainers can track all their clients’ physical activity during the day using the Mywellness cloud. Personal trainers can even track and assess nutrition and lifestyle habits and sell personalised programmes to users to improve their overall wellness.”

Connect to your Medical Practitioner

Mywellness cloud can also be used by medical practioners to prescribe wellness programmes to patients. Due to time constraints, doctors aren’t always able to see their patients as regularly as they might like to. Mywellness cloud provides the perfect platform for doctors, physiotherapist and biokineticist to design patient-specific rehabilitation programmes. Their progress can be tracked remotely and adapted as the patient progresses. There are a number of active projects in this space, and we have already certified more than 100 professionals.

Connect to your friends Mywellness cloud users are able to interact with others and track their performance results on a leader board and even share their daily activities on social media sites. Making physical activity part of your social environment is a huge motivating factor.

“The Mywellness cloud gives you simple access to data, content, trainers and workout programmes wherever you are, turning your desire for physical activity into a personalised experience and creating a space for you to achieve real wellness.” concludes Payne.