Double Gold for Hank McGregor in World Champs

Balint Vekassy/ICF/Gameplan Media

Balint Vekassy/ICF/Gameplan Media

BRADENBURG, GERMANY – 18th September 2016 – The ICF Canoe World Championships that took place this weekend in Bradenburg, Germany presented exhilarating racing, pushing the limits of endurance and discipline.

Competing against the world’s best, Jeep Team SA’s unstoppable Hank McGregor claimed double Gold, retaining his title as Champion of the World in both K1 and K2 Canoe Marathon Racing, accumulating his eighth World Championships title.

Despite initial fears that he may be unable to defend his World Title due to the cost of participation, McGregor mastered a powerful field in tough conditions to strategically win both the Men’s K1 and K2 crowns.

Racing in rainy, windy conditions on Saturday in the K1 championship final, McGregor timed a tactically superb race to stay in command of a threatening nine boat front bunch, with Portugal’s Jose Ramalho and Hungary’s Adrian Boros always well positioned.

“The conditions were tough but I felt in control from the start, you have to limit your mistakes and conserve energy until it’s time to release the animal inside and go for gold.”

In a battle of endurance and tactical mastery perfected over a lifetime of experience, McGregor, partnered with Jasper Mocke, set the pace in the K2 final, sustaining a tactical edge to power to a sprint finish seconds, ahead of Hungary.

South African team Andy Birkett and Louis Hattingh, put in a solid performance to take third.

“I had two fantastic races to win my 7th and 8th world titles. It was great to have my wife, Pippa, fly in on Friday night to support me and to watch me win. I must thank my father for seconding me during these race.”


Day One

Junior Boys K1

1.Ádám Varga (HUN) 1:43:15.8

2.Csaba Erdössy (HUN) 1:43:20.6

3.Augustin Rodriguez (ARG) 1:44:06.8

5.Jean van der Westhuyzen (RSA) 1:44:56.2

8.Mark Keeling (RSA) 1:1:46:30.6


Junior Girls K2

1.Zsófia Korsos/Viktória Fruzsina Nagy (HUN) 1:29:59.30

2Lilla Banki/Csenge Virág Rekop (HUN) 1:30:34.8

3.Eliska Betlachova/Ludmila Koterova (CZE) 1:32:26.5

7.Sabina Lawrie/Christie McKenzie (RSA) 01:34:54.8


Senior Women K1

1.Renata Csay (HUN) 2:06:56.7

2.Vanda Kiszli (HUN) 2:07:00.3

3.Christina Beke (SRB) 2:08:17.8

10.Nikki Russell (RSA) 2:13:53.5

12.Bianca Beavitt (RSA) 2:15:09.5


Senior Men K1

1.Hank McGregor (RSA) 2:20:11.6

2.Andy Birkett (RSA)2:20:12.7

3.Jose Ramalho (POR) 2:20:13.3