Dream run in Grabouw

Morne Van Greunen living the Xterra Warrior status.

Morne Van Greunen living the Xterra Warrior status.

Running is an amazing sport. Ask any runner and they will tell you this. People all over the world run for many different reasons such as; general health & fitness, emotional well-being, social acceptance to name but a few. I on the other hand enjoy competing I.e Racing. Yes there is allot more to running I agree, but when you experience a run / race like this morning, you might understand my (some might say narrow minded) approach. It’s an amazing feeling. It felt like my body and soul were not only connected, but were actually working together (communicating) to push and move forward together… as a singular unit or entity. Fortunately (or Un-fortunately) this experience only occurs in races and doesn’t occur very often, which is why we keep entering events and praying that this feeling of euphoria will return. Once you’ve experienced this feeling (whether it’s running, cycling or what-ever) I’m sure you’ll be hooked for life. The other good news is that this has nothing to do with age or speed and can happen to any-one at any given moment… as long as you keep competing. Trust me it’s worth it!

The Puma trail run is part of the Totalsports Xterra (Off road triathlon) event in Grabouw (Western Cape) and is presented by Stillwatersports. The course was 12.5km of single track, jeep track, climbing and some sandy sections which were soft underfoot, but “hard” on the body. The set-up and organization was immaculate and all the sponsors and event partners including Rehidrate Sport, Spur, Puma, Totalsports, TREK, Craft etc. contributed to an amazing “race village” atmosphere.

Conditions were almost perfect for running (in my opinion). The only challenges we had were some wet & muddy sections caused by overnight rain, but this is trail running after-all so I’m NOT complaining. The pace was “solid” right from the start and by 2/3km we were a small bunch of guys together as we started the “climb”. The final 5km is mostly downhill so catching runners would be very difficult unless you have super-fast downhill abilities. At the end I got beaten by AJ Calitz and Lieuwe Boonsta who took 1st and 2nd and I managed to get over the line in 3rd followed by Chad Gordon breathing down my neck.

Men's podium with AJ Calitz, Lieuwe Boonstra and Morne Van Greunen with Grant Hamilton of Puma South Africa.

Men’s podium with AJ Calitz, Lieuwe Boonstra and Morne Van Greunen with Grant Hamilton, Puma South Africa.

Thanks to EnduroHub for the opportunity and to my current racing team Tri Plex Sport (@Team3PX) and to all amazing product sponsors and partners for making this possible : PUMA Running (@PUMARuning) #Foreverfaster / 32GI (32Gi) #Unstoppable / 2xU SOUTH AFRICA #HUMANPERFORMANCEMULTIPLIED.

Summary: Great Event – Great Run – Great Result

See you at the races and remember : TAKE IT EASY BUT TAKE IT.

MvG (@Morne_tri)