Fact #10. Fenix 3 Auto climb – A unique feature that helps you push your limits.

Garmin-Weekly-Week-10Nothing hurts like a hill. Whether biking or running, hills test our limits. But the truth is, the more you know about how body responds to climbing, the better you can apply and improve your climbing ability. That is exactly what the auto climb screen of the Garmin Fenix 3 will assist you with.

Auto climb feature display

Auto climb feature display

When the auto climb screen is enabled, the Fenix 3 automatically changes to that screen when it senses you are ascending or descending.  Often in a race or training session, you don’t have a free hand to scroll to elevation detail. Now you get your stats right away, literally without lifting a finger..

How does it help? If you are familiar with the gradients and effort levels you have managed in training, the easier you can manage the same scenario in a race. In a race, your Fenix 3’s auto climb screen will tell you that you are climbing an 18 degree gradient at 80% heart rate. If you know you have sustained that effort for a given time in training, you know you can do it again. Just gauge your exertion levels, and manage your energy output and heart rate accordingly. I personally also like the total ascent field, so I can pace myself through a race in terms of ascent-still-to-do, given I know the total ascent of the race.

You can configure 4 data fields, like total ascent, maximum elevation, or any elevation field. You can also mix it up with other data fields. Any data screen can be assigned to be the auto climb screen. The Fenix 3 is awesome in assisting you with your climbing quests. Use it!