Fact #11. Garmin Fenix 3 Live Track. Now anyone can follow your activity – live!


If you want people know where you are during a training session or view your progress during a race, Garmin’s Live Track does the job flawlessly. Not only will they know your whereabouts, but also your speed, heart rate, elevation and more, all in real time, as it is happening.

Even better, if you select “Extended Sharing”, the session stays available online for 24 hours. From a safety point of view, that is invaluable. Sport has its fair share of unexpected casualties, and if you can’t speak for yourself, Live Track will tell people exactly where you are, or were, up to 24 hours after the activity.


Here’s how to start Live Track in three steps. 1. Tap “Live Track” on your bluetooth connected mobile app. 2. Invite people by typing in their e-mail addresses. Your phone’s auto-fill will speed that up. 3. Tap “Start Live Track”. All recipients will receive an e-mail that says “Watch My Live Activity”. When they click it, they get a screen that will let them see where you are, your speed, your heart rate, elevation and more.

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I use Live Track on my Fenix 3, but many other Garmin devices also offer it. Its awesomeness cannot be overstated. Own it!