Fact #12. Backing up and restoring your Fenix 3 is as simple as Copy and Paste.

Garmin-Weekly--banner-12For various reasons, you might want to reset your Fenix 3, without losing your personal profile, settings, apps workouts and all the rest. Technically, you need to be able to back it up and restore it as you wish. By all accounts, it is sensible to back up any computerized device, and your Fenix 3 falls into this category. In this case, you do it with a simple exercise of copy and paste.

Screenshot of the backup-restore on your pc

Screenshot of the backup-restore on your pc

Backing up: Step 1: Plug your Fenix 3 via its USB cable into your computer. Your Fenix 3 will appear as a Garmin drive. Step 2: Select the Garmin folder and copy it over to your computer. Now you’ve got your backup.

Restoring: 1: After the reset, plug your Fenix 3 back into your computer. 2: Open the Garmin folder of your backup, and select all the folders individually by holding Control and clicking all the folders. (activities, records, apps, workouts etc.) 3: Copy and paste the files into the “NewFiles” folder which you will find inside the “Garmin” folder of the Garmin drive. (your Fenix 3).

Once you power up your Fenix 3 after you unplugged it from the computer, it will re-shuffle the files in the correct order by itself and voila, your Fenix 3 will be its former self. Time to go play again!