Fact #13. Locking your Fenix 3’s buttons


For your triathlon swim, locking the buttons is very sensible and safe if you want reliable stats.

Locking the buttons of your Fenix 3 when the start gun goes, might just determine the outcome of your triathlon result. A sure way to perform optimally is to manage your race according to your best possible pre-determined times or averages for each leg. Getting your watch buttons bumped in the swim may move your timer onto T1, the bike leg, or even stopping the timer altogether. To avoid that, the lock function is your best friend.

You might live by the “if it happens it happens” attitude, but fatalism has always left more destruction in its wake than success. A friend of mine found his watch already on the run leg after the swim during IM 70.3 East London 2014. Now he locks the buttons without fail before the swim and unlocks them once his “watch arm” is out of the wetsuit.

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With the Fenix 3, TWO button presses do the job. It is so easy, you can do it as you run into the water, or maybe five seconds before the gun goes.

Lock: 1. Hold the on/off button for 2 seconds. (“Lock Device” appears) 2: Press the “start/stop” button. Done. To unlock, repeat the same 2 steps.

Your watch is a great pace setter, but one bump or knock can mess that up. To race according to your pre-determined goals, locking the buttons for the swim is the way to go. The lock function is there for a reason. Have fun!