Fact 15. Are you an insomniac? Your Fenix 3 can tell you.



If irregular sleeping patterns and insomnia upset your life, the Garmin Fenix 3 might just throw some light on the situation. To illustrate this, I have to make a very public revelation. For years now, I am struggling with exercise induced insomnia. With reluctance I decided to try the sleep monitor of the Fenix 3, but I was very surprized about what it told me.

To start the sleep monitor, make sure Activity Tracking is enabled and scroll down to the widget that displays it (the step counter). Press the start/stop button, and you will be asked if you want to go to sleep. Then press yes. When you wake up, press start/stop again and press stop. A second or two later, your sleep info will be uploaded and ready to be analysed. You will view three levels of sleep: awake, light and deep sleep. A second graph depicting your movement will also be displayed. Personally I am of the opinion that I battle to get good sleep and was very surprized to see that my sleep graphs did not indicate interrupted, sleepless periods. What it did tell was that when my light sleep percentages were very high, it corresponded with feeling wasted the next day.

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That may sound obvious, but I knew that it happened on nights when I got into bed later than I would have liked. My perception of myself as being an insomniac made me fearful of getting good sleep, and my anxiety ends up keeping me awake. The sleep graphs of my Fenix 3 told me that I can relax. I am actually a consistent sleeper. I can believe that. And that helps me to relax, which helps me fall asleep.

There you have it. Use your sleep monitor. It might just reveal a lot about your nocturnal habits. Unless you’re a zombie, because zombies never sleep.