Fact #16. Have it your way – wave goodbye to default settings.



The Garmin Fenix 3 has well researched default settings, but if any of them does not suit you, there are other options would suit you just fine. Here are some examples.

 Powersave. Have you been waiting on the start line with your Fenix 3 in ready mode, and when you look down it has reverted to the watch face? That is because, after 5 minutes in ready mode, the watch goes off the GPS signal and reverts to watch face to save power. Simply go to “powersave” in the app you want to use, and change the setting to “extended” instead of “normal”. That allows for a 25 minute period before it reverts back to watch face. 

 The “unwanted lap”. Sometimes you press the back button to “go back”, (e.g. after reading a notification) but did not notice that the watch has gone back to the previous screen already, and end up registering an unwanted lap. Once again, in each app, you can disable the “back” key from registering laps.

 Can’t read your data fields when paused during training? When you pause an activity, the watch goes to the “resume” screen. More than often you want to read your time, average speed, distance etc, while the watch is paused. Just press the back button and you will be able to ready the data fields of the paused activity. After a few seconds it will revert to the resume screen.

 Forgetting to press the resume button after you’ve paused an activity? This often leads to the frustration of not tracking the full distance you have trained. Just enable auto pause in the app you are using. Then the watch stops and starts by itself. Nothing to remember or forget. Want to read time of day during an activity? Press and hold the down button to get the watch face, and then the back button to go back to your activity screen. 

 The customizability of the Fenix 3 is endless. What I have mentioned is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. There are shortcuts, solutions and custom settings for most everything and Garmin keeps on raising the bar courtesy of their own development and input from users. Go where angels fear to tread. Press every button on your Fenix 3, in any possible screen. You might just stumble onto features you never knew existed. Or read the manual, but that’s not as much fun! 

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