Fact #22. The Garmin Fenix 3. Logging 100+ statistical facts in your triathlon.


Back in the day a sports watch measured heart rate and time. Fast forward a few technological light years, and the Fenix 3, together with Vector 2 power pedals and a tri or swim heart rate monitor, logs more than 100 statistical variables in a triathlon. Right away the question arises: do all those stats have any real value?

Some race to podium or beat someone else, but most of us race against ourselves, trying to better our previous times and performances. In a triathlon, the Fenix 3 can log in excess of a hundred variables that plays a part in your performance. All of these variables tell a story about you and your athletic ability and prowess. You might think it is a total information overload, but the technology and easy with which it happens, can only be respected. It is for you to use, or not to use. The truth is knowledge has always been power.

For instance, regarding the swim, a very low heart rate might mean your work rate is too low. If your stroke rate is much lower than the average racer, another inference can be made.

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Swim stats, including heart rate.


Cycling has many technical aspects that can influence your performance. Assisted by the Vector 2 pedals, you will know which leg pedals the strongest, smoothest and delivers the widest angle of efficiency. You will even know if each foot pushes down straight or maybe a bit off-center, which might indicate the necessity for some cleat adjustment.

Some of the cycling stats as captured in combination with Garmin Vector 2 pedals.


Running-dynamics can identify over-striding, that causes various injuries. An unnecessary increase in ground contact time can indicate a lack of form that begs for strength training. Of course these are just some a fraction of the available stats.

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Running stats, including running dynamics.,


It is for you to decide whether any of the stats can be of benefit to you. If you want to be a flower child and run or ride only to smell the roses, good for you, but even so, allow yourself to value the contribution technology can make to the advancement of athletes. The faster you can race, the more roses you can smell. Just maybe, the Garmin Fenix 3 can help you do that. Remember, so many roses, so little time!