Fact #23. The Garmin Fenix 3: Seven months later – still much happiness with this smart sports watch.


When I unboxed my Garmin Fenix 3 seven months ago, and learnt that activities are called Apps on this multisport watch, I was suspicious. I had the perception that Apps belong to smart phones and tablets with a superficial Kardashian culture as its main ambassador. Also, the fact that I could download and install Apps on my watch, prompted questions regarding the long term stability of the Fenix 3.

In time, I came to let go of my fears. The awesomeness of it all was, and still is, that the Fenix 3 never ceases to lose its allure. Designed to be a multisport watch that doubles up as a dress watch, it changed the perception of sport watches as something you take off after a training session. Furthermore, it never becomes predictable or stagnant. Changing watch faces and adding customized data fields and widgets give it a personality of its own. No watch is the same, just like no two people are.


The Bluetooth connectivity that relays notifications and caller info even before your smartphone alerts you, works seamlessly. With multiple data screens and sensors like heart rate monitors and power meters, you can turn yourself into a lab rat of note if you choose to do so. For coaches, pro athletes and weekend warriors it introduced a world of information to brood over and analyse. With a the Garmin Vector power meter an HRM-Tri heart rate monitor, more than a 100 variables are measured during a triathlon. Just the wow factor of the Fenix 3 makes it an endless conversation topic. In all fairness, one or two hiccups were encountered, like the loss of GPS signal after “resume activity at a later stage”, but Garmin’s software developers were on it faster than a Rottweiler on a stray cat, which was very reassuring. Happiness in no time.

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The range has also been expanded with new models, like the rose gold edition, to cater for the the fairer sex, and accessories like leather and metal straps, to conquer the corporate world. With subtlety and unobtrusiveness the Garmin Fenix 3 has changed the way we need to look at sports watches forever. The bottom line is, I can honestly say, I will buy this watch again if I would lose it. No need to look elsewhere. Join the excitement. After seven months of everyday use, it is still an inspirational piece of tech!