Fact #9. The Garmin Fenix 3 and Connect IQ store – Get great apps and customize your watch


Your Fenix 3 has an App store, just like your smart phone. The app store goes by the name of Garmin Connect IQ, and it allows you to download new watch faces, activity apps, data field configurations and more, all for free. In principle it means that your Fenix 3 is not cast in stone. You can customize it to suit your needs. If you are a tech supremo, you can even design your own app.

Discussing all the apps would take up pages, but let’s look at some. The Fenix 3’s solid round face makes it a fine looking dress watch, so a designer analogue face with a battery life indicator is a great download. Second in the queue seems to be watch faces that relate activity tracking stats like daily calories burnt, distance covered, step targets etc. in real-time, together with time, date and battery/bluetooth status. The level of insight and control it adds your lifestyle is fantastic.
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As far as training goes there are great options. For instance, a 5/10/21/42 Km race time predictor app will tell you how much your training is on target for reaching your goal time. Sometimes 4 data fields are just not enough, and the 7 data field app sorts that problem out. I use it to great effect on those crazy days when Time of Day needs to be visible on my first screen with all the other training data fields. And there are lots more. I can’t wait for a South Easter to blow down here in the Cape so I can test the wind/kite-surf app! The Connect IQ store is relatively new, and the good news is that more apps will become available with time.

It is all very easy. Go check out the Connect IQ store, download the app you like and sync it to your Fenix 3. The app-world is your oyster. Go wild!

(If you want to know more about app design, visit the Garmin SDK site.)