Garmin Vector 2 Power Pedals. Installation done in 15 minutes flat. 



The Garmin Vector 2 power pedals are packaged as stylish as a priceless samurai sword. Even in the box it is a thing of beauty. Rather than installing it myself, I opted for the professional treatment. For reviewing purposes I wanted to avoid schoolboy errors during installation. Freewheel Cycology, experts at installing Vector 2 pedals, was the go-to bike shop. When Lionel Murray, director at Freewheel Cycology, told me the Vector 2 power pedals will be installed in 15 minutes, it was the best news ever. Boys want their toys yesterday or today, never tomorrow.

Of course you can install it yourself. One of the main aims of the Vector 2 system is simplicity. When travelling, at worst you would need a torque wrench, and having to do the simple calibration that sets the installation angles. The same goes for when you switch between bikes. You get a very transparent instruction manual, and there are some YouTube videos floating around on how to install it. If you are not an tech inclined, I suggest getting it done by an expert first time round. Knowing that it is set up perfectly and leaving with just the necessary info for future swaps or installations is worth a small premium. My trusty Felt TT bike got clamped on the bike stand, and 15 minutes later (actually 25 because of all my questions) the job was done.

Key ponters were: grease must be minimum to keep contacts clean, depth of pedal in crank is vital, carbon cranks need the supplied washers. 35 Nm torque on pedals, tension pedals with bike on ground, not on stand. Pods can go on any side. 2 rotations get LED lights on pods going. Position pods at 90 degrees. Calibration was done in seconds. Everything happened as per the manual, but with tons of know-how. Lionel connected the pedals with my Garmin Fenix 3, checked all the vitals, and I was off for my first test ride. 

Next time, everything that went down with the Vector 2’s during 65 Kilometres on my TT bike.

Lionel Murray, director at Freewheel Cycology executing a flawless installation of the Garmin Vector 2 power pedals.