Heart rate monitoring makes a giant leap forward

For the past 30 years, heart rate monitors have helped millions achieve measured success during exercise. Whether for fitness, specific sports improvement, recovery from illness or weight loss, heart rate monitors have allowed men and women to understand and manage the duration and intensity of their efforts more effectively and achieve their desired results.
There’s always been one major drawback though. No matter which heart rate monitor brand you choose, you have to wear a heart-rate strap around your chest. Yes, it makes sense, as your chest is where your heart is located; but ask anyone that exercises with a heart rate monitor if they’re happy to be compelled to wear a chest strap and you’ll get a unanimous ‘no’.
Chest straps are either constrictive or they slip down and have to be manually repositioned regularly during an exercise session, especially in exercise that involves any kind of walking, jogging or all-out running.
Canadian fitness brand, Mio Global, has made a groundbreaking progress with its heart rate monitor range. By incorporating technology, Mio Global has developed a way to accurately measure heart rate, eliminating the need to wear a chest strap to do so.
“It’s the kind of progress that will transform the fitness and sports industry. Where other brands got used to a problem, Mio Global found a way to solve it. Why should anyone have to wear a chest strap to measure heart rate when it’s no longer necessary?” remarked Jason Theunissen of Ballistic Bike Trading, Mio Global’s exclusive distribution partner for Southern Africa.
Mio Global’s patented optical heart rate technology is at the core of each of its products. Mio Global’s heart rate monitoring is extremely accurate, with a 0.99 correlation to EKG in laboratory testing. An optical sensor monitors the volume of blood under your skin and sophisticated algorithms are applied to the pulse signal so that the heart’s true rhythm can be detected, even during high intensity workouts.
Mio Global heart rate watches and wristbands connect seamlessly to smartphone fitness apps, bike computers, and GPS watches, via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and/or ANT+ transmission, making them the perfect companion for those that exercise for health and those that compete seriously in sport.
Heart rate sports watch
Ideal use: For serious fitness and training
Mio ALPHA 2 boasts all the features of the original award-winning Mio ALPHA plus more! Mio ALPHA 2 provides EKG-accurate heart rate data, along with distance, calories, pace, and speed. ALPHA 2 connects to smart devices via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) so athletes can use all the training and tracking features of their favorite fitness apps.
Price: R2699
Heart rate training and activity tracker
Ideal use: For general fitness
Mio FUSE is a sleek all-in-one performance wristband that combines Mio’s patented optical heart rate monitoring technology with the features of a sports watch and activity tracker. The wristband tracks distance, steps, calories, and goal progress throughout the day, as well as heart rate and pace during workouts. FUSE provides athletes with a more comprehensive look at exertion, recovery, and overall fitness than any other product on the market.
Price: R2499
Heart rate cycling wristband
Ideal use: For serious cycling
Get EKG-accurate heart rate data and transform your smartphone into a powerful all-in-one bike computer. VELO measures heart rate from the wrist, and bridges ANT+ speed and cadence sensors to Bluetooth Smart (4.0). Pair VELO to your favorite fitness apps to display and record your workouts and share your cycling stats.
Price: R1899
Continuous heart rate wristband
Ideal use: For recreational running and cycling
Mio LINK captures and transmits EKG-accurate heart rate data to smartphone fitness apps, GPS watches, and bike computers. LINK features a comfortable, sleek design with a soft silicone strap. Available in two sizes to fit a wide range of wrist sizes.
Price: R1699