Hein Wagner Honoured To Receive Honorary Golden Key International Honour Society

Hein Wagner

Hein Wagner

Blind adventurer and motivational speaker Hein Wagner has been honoured with the Golden Key award in August this year. Golden Key is an international non-profit organisation, which recognises excellence exemplified in academic achievements, leadership skills and community involvement.

Golden Key International is the world’s largest academic honour society and was founded in Atlanta, USA, almost 35 years ago. Today, more than 2 million students and graduates of 400 universities in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, India, the Bahamas, South Africa and the United States enjoy Golden Key lifetime membership. Golden Key’s mission is to enable members to realise their potential by connecting individual achievement with service and lifelong opportunity.

Says Hein Wagner: “I was humbled and perhaps a little shocked when I received the e-mail confirming that the University of Stellenbosch chapter of the honorary Golden Key society nominated me for a Golden Key. My contributions to students by means of motivational talks, as well as my involvement in the community are the factors that first drew their attention.”

There are many benefits in being part of the Golden Key society. Wagner continues: “I have access to the network of Golden Key members worldwide, allowing me make use of their expertise to further my work and the work of the VisionTrust. The amount of talent and expertise in this network is simply amazing.”

Although the award is for those who excel in their fields of expertise, there are set expectations of honorary members after receiving the award. Wagner adds: “You have to continue to live and promote the values of the Golden Key society and in doing so, promote education as well as community upliftment.”

The Golden Key has been awarded to high-profile South Africans including Archbishop Emertius Desmond Tutu, Mr. Trevor Manuel, Mr. Martin Jansen (CEO: Coca-Cola Sabco), Mr. Laurie Dippenaar (chairman: Discovery Holdings, Momentum and OUTsurance) and many more influential names locally. “Three of us received the honorary Golden Key earlier this month at an event in the Endler Hall, Stellenbosch,” concludes Wagner.

For more information on Hein Wagner, go to http://www.heinwagner.co.za/.

For more information about the Golden Key society, refer to, http://www.goldenkey.org or http://goldenkey.org.za