IGNITE Q&A With PUMA Footwear Designer Jacob Garcia

Q: What makes the IGNITE tooling different from that which exists in the current market?

A: The premium foam is what sets the IGNITE apart and makes it PUMA’s most responsive running shoe. We believe IGNITE foam is a perfect synergy of cushioning and energy return with the added benefit of not breaking down over time.

Q: What are the product benefits of IGNITE?

A: IGNITE is designed for energy return, comfort and durability. When you put the shoe on, you can immediately feel the difference from the spring and comfort the foam gives you.

Q: How was Usain Bolt considered in the design process?

  1. Getting a sprinter into a running shoe is challenging. He does the majority of his training in his track spikes doing short sprints and coming out of the blocks. It’s important to get him into a shoe that he’ll actually enjoy warming up in and we’re confident that we’ve done that.

Q: What type of runners or athletes should wear this shoe?

A: IGNITE is meant for a wide range of runners. It can be used for the everyday run or a longer session. It will still retain cushioning and responsiveness during longer runs.

Q: What was the visual inspiration behind IGNITE?

A: I was inspired by our new brand philosophy of Forever Faster and wanted to design a shoe to embody becoming faster. I looked to nature for objects that are fast and visually show the use of energy, and I was led to comets. Comets are one of the fastest moving objects in the universe and also have a visual trail The comet inspiration is apparent when looking at the shape of IGNITE’s sidewall and outsole.

Q: How do you think this shoe will affect the industry?

A: IGNITE will bring premium cushioning to the masses. IGNITE Foam is new to the industry and we know it’s going to make an impact. It’s a shoe that doesn’t need to be overthought, it looks good but most importantly it feels great. In the future, we are utilizing IGNITE strategically to accommodate different types of runners and their needs: racing to stability, serious runner to everyday runner and cross training.