IGNITE Q&A With Usain Bolt

PUMA Bolt-Ignite 6 lo

PUMA Bolt-Ignite

Q: When do you wear IGNITE?

A: I start out with IGNITE as a running shoe to warm up before going into a spike, and it’s important that I wear a shoe that is comfortable and keeps my energy up. I love IGNITE for that, and can feel it make a real difference. It’s a pretty good-looking shoe as well.

Q: How does IGNITE compare to other running shoes you wear?

A: When you put it on your feet, you’ll understand. IGNITE is the most comfortable shoe I’ve run in. I put a lot of wear into my shoes so it’s important they’re durable but still comfortable.

Q: What do you think of the design for IGNITE?

A: I was introduced to IGNITE about a year ago and I was really happy with the design, it’s like no running shoe I have ever seen. It looks good but it feels amazing.

Q: What ignites your run?

A: I’m ignited by the desire to win. I always push myself to do better and to be the best. When I’m home in Jamaica with my family, to see my parents happy and to be able to give them things we otherwise couldn’t afford; it makes me appreciate what started this whole journey.

Q: How do you think IGNITE will inspire other runners?

A: IGNITE can be worn by any kind of runner, you don’t have to be a sprinter. I think once they put the shoe on they’ll understand how comfortable it is and how energized they will feel. I hope that energy they feel will motivate them to continue running.

Q: How will IGNITE help you to remain ‘Forever Faster’?

A: I can train harder and longer in IGNITE. The harder I train the faster I’ll be.