Interval Workouts –Your Fenix 3 will take you to the next level


Has your performance become stagnant lately? An Interval Workout, synced to your Fenix 3 might be the solution. Interval workouts are the toughest form of training, but also a sure way to up your performance. Your Fenix 3 will take you through a disciplined, “faster than race pace” interval workout, so come race day, going fast will happen with confidence and the knowledge that you can.

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Let’s make one. Go to WORKOUTS on Garmin Connect, select Workout Type and create a workout by following the prompts. The “Add a Repeat” makes it very easy to structure repetitive sections. Set your intervals in terms of distance or time, with recovery sections in between. An example would be 10 x 400m intervals with 200m recovery in between. Start the workout with an open-time warm up section and end with an open-time cool down. After you saved it, tap or click Send to Device and your Fenix 3 will have it waiting for you in the Training section under My Workouts.

After selecting the workout, press Start and follow the prompt to begin the warm up. When you are warmed up, press the lap button to initiate the intervals. The idea is to go flat-out for 400m and just under race pace for 200m. Your Fenix 3 will alert you with 5 beeps when every interval ends and starts again. You’ll need those beeps. If you do intervals right, you will be too tired to even look at your watch.

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As tough as intervals are, they are a welcome break from long, slow distances or tempo runs. Also, after a few weeks of interval training, you would be surprized to see your pace getting better on longer runs or rides, without you even pushing for it. Nothing puts spring in your step like interval training.

Get to the next level by adding some Interval Workouts to your Fenix 3. They will challenge you, but as you know, no pain, no gain!