Jeep Team elites take podium at Jeep Warrior #4 sugar rush Ballito

2016 Jeep Warrior Race #?Warrior4 | Powered by Reebok - Captured by for

2016 Jeep Warrior Race #?Warrior4 | Powered by Reebok – Captured by for

KWAZULU-NATAL, BALLITO, 18th JULY 2016 – This weekend, 16-17 July, saw the Jeep Warrior series Race 4 of 8 take place in KwaZulu-Natal at Sugar Rush Park in Ballito, with over 3500 competitors all racing to get the opportunity to drive off in a brand new Jeep until the next Jeep Warrior event, should they hit the top spot on the podium in the Black Ops Elites category.

Sugar Rush Park saw some unusual rain prior to the race, making many of the obstacles slippery and immensely challenging, physically and mentally, but the Jeep OCR Team, Thomas Van Tonder, Jay Jay Deysel, Joshua Masudi, Carina Marx and Hlubi Mboya, faced up to the challenge and excelled.

In the Black Ops Elite Men’s Race, Jeep Team star racer, Thomas van Tonder, took top spot on the podium with a time of 01h40, over 30 minutes ahead of his biggest rival, KeyHealth Nevarest team racer, Greg Avierinos, in a time of 02h11, with fellow Jeep Team racer, Jay Jay Deysel, in 3rd place in 02h13, rounding off the Jeep Team’s solid achievements in the top elite race.

Jeep Team’s Joshua Masudi, also raced in Black Ops Elites, but cramped half way ending his race for podium.

Women’s Black Ops Elites, who compete over the same course as the men’s Black Ops Elites, had Jeep Team’s up-and-coming OCR star, Carina Marx, competing and nursing an injury, but achieved a respectable 5th place overall in a time of 02h29.

Jeep Team’s celebrity competitor, Hlubi Mboya, competed in the Commando Elite Women’s Race, and says of her race, “This was one of the hardest Warrior Races I have ever competed in. It took me two hours but I refused to give up my band and be disqualified, even when it meant trying to complete an obstacle over and over again.” Mboya’s inspiring tenacity saw her just short of a Top 10 place in the Commando Elites.

The Jeep Team will be competing in Jeep Warrior Race 5, which takes place from 20 to 21 August 2016 at Hazeldean Valley in Pretoria.



  1. THOMAS VAN TONDER                 01:40:07
  2. GREG AVIERINOS                             02:11:32
  3. JAY JAY DEYSEL                                  02:13:26
  4. CLINT PRETORIUS                            02:23:40
  5. ANRICH ZIMMERMAN                   02:23:45


  1. HANNEKE DANNHAUSER              02:13:26
  2. TRISH BAHLMANN                           02:15:43
  3. DOMINIQUE DOLIVEIRA               02:16:49
  4. SABRINA DAOLIO                             02:23:32
  5. CARINA MARX                                  02:59:26


  1. MICHAEL ROSS                                  00:51:42
  2. CALEN HASTIE                                   00:51:53
  3. GARETH MARQUISS                         00:56:01
  4. JASON FRIEDMAN                            00:56:01
  5. DARREN MARQUISS                         00:57:28


  1. DANIELLA LUSHINGTON               01:21:17
  2. CINDY WILLS                                      01:30:23
  3. TARYN STRYDOM                              01:32:46
  4. KAELEE LUSHINGTON                    01:33:07
  5. AMOR BEYERSBERGEN                   01:33:42


  1. ADRIAN ROUSSEL                             00:31:41
  2. SHELDON CROUWKAMP                00:32:00
  3. RICHARD EKSTEEN                          00:33:17


  1. CHANTE HABIB                                  00:40:49
  2. LEONIE VAN ZYL                               00:42:09
  3. KRISTY VAN DER MERWE              00:43:07