Kronenburg Virtual Relay Duathlon expands with more team options – The Family addition

After a very successful October month of racing the individuals event came to a fairytale ending with many new PB’s on the day as Paarl showcased a near perfect day for all participants. By conclusion we have grown to a group of 150 children that have attempted the duathlon in October. 

Today we turn our attention to this coming Sunday, 25 October 2020. 

Mixed Teams starts at 8h30 (Please make sure you are ready at least 15mins prior)
Female Teams starts at 9h30 (Please make sure you are ready at least 15mins prior)
Male Teams starts at 10h30 (Please make sure you are ready at least 15mins prior)

We invite everyone to this special occasion in taking to the challenge like no other. The Duathlon will consist of a 1.5km run, 4.5km cycle and a 1.5km run. By now most of you should be comfortable with the venue and the route combined with the challenge ahead. Time for the parents to remove themselves from the supporting roles and flex your muscles. 

Originally we released the event to a family team consisting of 3 athletes only, but after much consideration we have decided to expand the options to accommodate those unable to participate as a three-athlete team. 

The new addition will allow for a family team consisting of only two athletes should your resources not allow you to enter a three-athlete team. This addition is to accommodate the smaller families. 

The team must consist of 1x Parent and 1x Child and you have to alternate during the event. 

Example:        Child run, Parent cycle, Child run. 

                         ( This can be Mixed, Male or Female Team)

We have also added another addition for the larger families so that everyone gets to take part. You can now split your family into 2 teams and any member of the team will be allowed to take part in two different races should you be up for it. 

The team must also consist of minimum 1x Parent and 1x Child and the golden rule here is that all family members must be entered.


Team 1:          Boy run, Dad cycle, Boy run (Male Team)

Team 2:          Mum run, Dad Cycle, Girl run (Mixed Team) 


                        Mum run, Daughter cycle, Mum run (Female Team)

Our aim for this event is to get the entire family involved while having loads of family fun together. 

This is the ideal opportunity to challenge your friends, dare them to attempt multisport or just come and enjoy the venue and good food. There’s even a small chance of adding a live band to all the fun activities! 


Blast Zone will be setting up the following events for the children, during and after the racing:

Wipeout Sweeper

Kids Bungee

Target Shooting

Zorb Ball Track Race

Please do keep in mind that due to Covid-19 regulations we will be forced to cap the event, so please reserve your entry before 5pm on 22 Ocktober 2020. 

Prize Giving

Prize giving will commence once all three events have been completed, our goal will be for 12am. I would like to ask all parents to get your children together around 11:45am, should you be in the running for a medal. This will not be taking up to much of your time. 

For more info regarding the Virtual Duathlons, please contact Tiaan Pretorius. 

Please enter here.

Basic rules during the events:

Transition Area:

Only if its your time to race will you be allowed access to the transition area and rack your bikes, we will have about 15mins between each race for you to pick your spot.


Please report to the timing table below the Autus Gazebo 15mins before your starting time on the outside of the transition area.

Due to the numbers each parent will have to make sure your team have been registered and checked in before your starting time.


Please contact Tiaan Pretorius should you be available for any assistance during the event especially with time keeping.

Facebook: Paarl Virtual Duathlon Champs

Whatsapp: Whatsapp Group


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