Marais & Bergstrom should wrap up Quattro ROAG Series titles

PrintStuart Marais and Natalie Bergstrom will both be hoping to wrap up the R25 000 first prizes for the Quattro ROAG Mountain Bike Series this weekend at the aQuelle Harburg Tour de Kranz.

Marais and Bergstrom are both on the verge of confirming themselves as KZN’s top-performing riders this year and at the Tour de Kranz on Saturday they could clinch their men’s and women’s titles respectively.

The Tour de Kranz is the penultimate event in the series and the pressure is fully on their closest rivals in the race for the lucrative first prizes.

If Leeroy Emslie and Christie-Leigh Hearder, lying second in the men’s and women’s logs respectively, do not claim wins at Harburg this weekend, the results of final event will probably have no bearing on the overall series result. The last event is the Safire Baynesfield Classic on September 17.

In the women’s series Bergstrom has 534 points while Hearder has 474 points. Both have finished six events (the minimum needed to qualify as a series finisher) and so Bergstrom is almost certain to win. However, only the best six results count, so mathematically Hearder can still add to her total and two victories in the final two races will take her total to 544. Enough to just edge Bergstrom into second if the current series leader does not score points or does not compete in the final two races.

In the men’s events, Marais virtually just has to finish one of the last two races to clinch the title. He has 486 points from five events while Emslie has 418 from six races, with David Low third with 364, also from six.

Emslie and Low can get up to 498 and 490 respectively if either were to win both the remaining two events, but while that is just ahead of Marais’s current points tally, if the leader finishes one of the remaining two events higher than 40th he will earn enough points to guarantee victory.

Although he does not need it, Marais will have an added incentive to chase victory this weekend and at Baynesfield. If he wins both the last two Quattro Series Events he will have six wins in the competition and become the first rider to win the men’s elite series with a perfect haul of 600 points.

In the age group competitions there are currently two riders who will win their Quattro ROAG Series age categories with a perfect 600 out of 600 points. Bergstrom has been the top veteran woman in every race she has entered as has Frances Marsburg in the grandmaster women’s events.

In the Quattro ROAG Trail Running Series, introduced for the first time this year, Wendy Mills has already clinched the women’s victory while Mark Mackenzie can only be beaten if David Mercer wins both the remaining two events while Mackenzie fails to improve on any of his points-scoring events.

Current Quattro ROAG Series standings
(after 7 out of 9 events)
Trail Running

1 Mark Mackenzie 399 (6 results)
2 David Mercer 277 (6)
3 Haydn Bam 219 (5)
4 John Wasserfall 118 (5)
1 Wendy Mills 484 (6)
2 Alison Wasserfall 300 (5)
3 Karen Maiden 201 (5)
4 Candy Sclanders 138 (4)

Mountain Biking

1 Stuart Marais 486 (5)
2 Leeroy Emslie 418 (6)
3 David Low 364 (6)
4 Brennan Anderson 323 (6)
5 Jedson Tooms 287 (6)
6 Carl Calverley 254 (6)
7 Carl Adendorff 218 (6)
8 Hendrik Bester 217 (5)
9 Nathan Treble 216 (5)
10 Jason Davies 208 (5)
1 Natalie Bergstrom 534 (6)
2 Christie-leigh Hearder 474 (6)
3 Tarryn Morgan 269 (6)
4 Nadine Nunes 267 (5)
5 Belinda Mason 264 (5)
6 Andrea De boer 255 (4)
7 Bronwyn Evans 191 (5)
8 Sarah Ryan 179 (5)
9 Frances Marsburg 172 (6)
10 Erika Velissariou 156 (4)