Mountain bikers and trail-runners get the chance to test their limits on Africa’s rooftop


Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge: 24 September to 1 October 2017

At 5,895 m (19,341ft), Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world and the highest point on the African continent. The summit exerts a strong attraction for athletes and adventurers, yet 50% of those who attempt the peak on foot don’t ever reach it.

With the 2017 Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge, acclimatized and well-trained mountain bikers and trail-runners finally have the chance to test their own endurance on Africa’s rooftop. They do it in a group that’s limited to 70 selected participants, backed up with full logistical and medial support, including live tracking that enables friends and family at home to follow the event online as it happens.

The event is organized by the German agency International Sports Travel in cooperation with Tanzania-based African Wilderness Adventures and the German physician Christian Kreisel, an expert in altitude-related medicine.

The true Kilimanjaro challenge is the altitude: as oxygen in the air decreases exponentially above 5,500 m, success depends on preparation, conditioning and willpower. The seven-day Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge program is designed to maximize all three.

The program includes a three-day training camp at 3,700m (12,140 ft), and this comes after several weeks of altitude acclimatization that participants are urged to undergo prior to their arrival in Tanzania. Over these three days, each athlete will be continually checked for their physical and mental conditioning. Then during the attempt on the summit, a further mandatory medical check takes place at 4,700m (15,420 ft).

“The Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge is a completely new adventure for ambitious amateur mountain bikers and trail-runners.” notes Rainer Braehler, the event’s co-founder. “It’s not a race against the clock but a unique chance to test your own limits on Africa’s tallest peak with a group of like-minded athletes and first-rate logistical and medical support.”

For more information or to apply to take part, the event website is: