Mountain Bikers take top honors at the CONTEGO VIP Trail Day Showdown!!!

On 22 August at the Meerendal Trail Centre, the Contego Trail Running Team went head-to-head against the Contego Mountain Biking Team in a showdown to settle an age-old argument: who’s fastest?

The Contego Trail Running Team of Eddie Lambert and Dion Middelkop went up against The Pro MTB Team of Adriaan Louw and Luke Evans in an epic trail battle to prove who are the fastest athletes. #LouwLuke were crowned victorious in favour of the mountain biking community.

Not the usual run vs. ride duel, the format literally pitted the teams directly against each other. Over 58 minutes, the athletes did 6 laps of a course that started with two laps (6km) of trail running followed immediately by a transition to a four-lap (12km) MTB leg.

What added even more spice to the day was that the trail runners don’t ride at all and the mountain bikers never run. So spectators were in for a really bare-knuckle battle like no other.

The runner pulled an early lead on the mountain bikers as the pro mtb team soon realised running is not a task you take up the morning of an event; “All was well a few 100 meter into the event and then Adriaan and I realised we had 5km to go and almost every muscle was already hurting” laughed Luke Evans afterwards.

The mountain bikers had their work cut out to real back a 5min deficit on the 4 laps and 12km MTB route “Eddie and I knew we were going to loose chunks of time on the downhills so we gave it stick in the run but in the end Adriaan and Luke out matched us with amazing skill on the bike leg” said Dion Middelkop.

“We came up with the concept of testing our respective athletes against each other after looking for an appropriate mid- to end-of-season corporate event date. We wanted to create something fresh and interesting for the media and we believe that a battle of this nature is weather-friendly regardless of the Cape winter and it not only provides us as sponsor with a platform to showcase our athletes but it also gives the respective media houses of each sport something to write about in the quieter winter months,” said JC Louw (CONTEGO CEO)

Adriaan Louw (CONTEGO Pro MTB Team) adds: “As an athlete and a general sport enthusiast I often find myself wondering what will happen if you take specialised professional sports persons and make them compete in other sports. What if a top rower has to run a marathon or a pro tour cyclist has to do a 1km swim, how will they fair given their focus and fitness levels in their respective sports? So today was a really fun ‘experiment’ to be a part of and partake in as an athlete. I’m quite chuffed that we took it in the end but now I have to figure out how I’m going to move walk tomorrow”.

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