My IMPI CHALLENGE race report…


This past weekend’s Impi Challenge marked the start of a rather busy month of obstacle course racing in South Africa, with The Grind 01 taking place next weekend and The Warrior Race the weekend after that. I love how this sport is growing!

Yesterday’s elite event was definitely one of the toughest Impi Challenges I’ve taken part in. In the past, this race has favored the stronger, lighter runners, with minimal need for super strength to complete the obstacles. This time the run course was just as hilly and technical as always, with a few extra heavy carrying obstacles thrown in the mix.

Dom 3

Hanneke Dannhauser and Dominique enjoying podium time.


There were numerous hills to contend with right from the start of the race so I gradually fell back into around 3rd/4th place with Carina Marx but decided to stick to my plan and move as fast as I could through the obstacles instead, perhaps pushing a little harder on he run towards the end (if I still had any juice left). This plan worked for me this time as I eventually managed to break away from Carina and catch Trish on the 3km concrete brick carry. I also managed to make up some time onHanneké in the process. (Trish unfortunately had some really bad luck yesterday with her brick breaking apart, making it super awkward to carry).

Trish passed me again on the running sections but by the time we got to the “pyn tuin” we were neck n neck again. Then we were hit with a nasty dose of sandbag… A whole 50kg of sandbag, that is!!! Which we were required to carry through a 400m course of obstacles and uneven terrain. No jokes! [[If any of you saw me trying to pick that bag up you must have had a good laugh! I was desperate! Did anyone get that on camera?]]

dom 5

Pre-race focus.


Fortunately strength was in my favour this time, and as much as I suffered and struggled I eventually managed to pick the bag up and carry it through the course, making my way into second place and attempting to chase down Hanneke through the last few kilometers.

Unfortunately I wasn’t fast or fit enough to catch her this time but I am super chuffed with my second place and even more thrilled to feel some significant improvements in my fitness. Girl, I’m coming for you

Dom 4

Smiling all the way to 2nd place.


Thanks to the Impi Challenge organizers for putting on another fun event; to ZC Marketing Consulting for the leka pics; to my sponsors Novavit Plus, AlphaZero, Pure Fusion Sports Nutrition, & Ready Room, for making it easier for me to train and race in this sport that I love; to my friends and family for your love and support; to Wingman Multisport Coaching for helping me prepare my body smartly for the busy racing season; and as always, to God for protecting me and guiding me through each race that I may learn and grow and inspire with every step.

If you haven’t yet taken on an obstacle course race I strongly encourage you to face your fears or doubts and give it a try. No matter how fit or unfit you are it is definitely doable (please enter the shorter event if you are a newbie), and it can be incredibly rewarding.

Cape Town is hosting The Grind at Hillcrest this coming weekend and Jeep Warrior Race #3 will be held at Hobby Park in Gauteng the following weekend. More events to come in May and June too. Keep an eye on SA OCR for more info.