Nienaber, Soggot ready for Pronutro AfricanX Trailrun title defence

Seen here:  Chantel Nienaber and Katya Soggot in action during the 2014 ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance.  PHOTO CREDIT:  Cherie Vale / NEWSPORT MEDIA

Seen here: Chantel Nienaber and Katya Soggot in action during the 2014 ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance. PHOTO CREDIT: Cherie Vale / NEWSPORT MEDIA

“Let Nature Give You A Run For Your Money”

Reigning women’s team champions, Chantel Nienaber and Katya Soggot are eagerly awaiting the weekend of 13 – 15 March 2015 when they will be seen attempting to successfully defend their title at South Africa’s premier three day stage trail run the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance.

“Katya and I were both overwhelmed by our victory in 2014,” says Nienaber.  “We obviously hoped that we would win, but we knew that the competition would be tough, as it always is at the AfricanX.  Thankfully we were both feeling strong throughout the race and managed to take 1st position on all three stages.  Stillwater Sports hosts an awesome, well organised event.  The dining experiences give participants an opportunity to interact with each other.  I specifically enjoy getting to see some of the awesome shots that were taken during the stage.  These are usually played after dinner.  Attracting some of the country’s top competitors, the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun is a bench mark event that has a fantastic “trail-family” vibe”.


Teamwork forms an essential part of this leading stage race, with participants having to rely on each other’s experience, strength and expertise in order to complete the route.  The three routes have been planned in such a way that the participants will have the opportunity to tackle a different breath-taking scenic route each day, allowing them to enjoy the full beauty of the Overberg.

DATE:                                             13 – 15 March 2015

FORMAT:                                     Three-day stage race / teams of two (male/female/mixed)

VENUE:                                         Festival Village on the grounds of the Houw Hoek Inn

DISTANCE:                                   Between 22km – 34km each day 

Entries are LIMITED to 300 teams.

There are three entry options:

  1. R2900 per person – this includes breakfast and lunch, but excludes dinner and accommodation
  2. R3400 per person – this includes breakfast lunch and dinner, but excludes accommodation.
  3. R3900 per person – this includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and tented accommodation at Houw Hoek.

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Chantel’s Top Four Tips for ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun newcomers:

  1. Have a Plan B:  No trail runner enters a three day stage race with a partner with the intention of not completing it together. Unfortunately things don’t always pan out the way in which intended. Discuss the slight possibility of one of you not being able to complete the race. Having a Plan B can help avoid hard feelings afterwards.
  2. Communicate:  If you are struggling at any stage and feel that your partner needs to ease up on the pace you need to be open and honest. This will help ensure that you both complete the three days together (and remain friends).
  3. Warm up:  Always warm up properly each day before you start running. It is also very important to stretch and massage your muscles after each stage.
  4. 4.    Stream-line your hydration-pack:  I was horrified to see one of my friends packs.  She had a FULLY equipped emergency kit, from extra nutrition (dated back to who knows when), to a medical kit that Florence Nightingale could work wonders with. Only carry what you need!

For additional information on the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance visit, contact Stillwater Sports on 082 991 0045 or email