Popular French energy tonic BIOTONE® is back in South Africa

In its easily recognizable glass ampoule, BIOTONE® is an energy tonic that contains a potent mix of Kola Nut extract, Phosphorus and Manganese.

Kola Nut extract, used for centuries in Africa to combat physical and mental fatigue, contains caffeine, theobromine and tannins making this fruit popular as a tonic but also as an aphrodisiac and for depression.

Phosphorus is one of the most important minerals in the body as it helps eliminate muscle weakness and fatigue and improves mental performance. Manganese, among many benefits, controls sugar metabolism in the body.

Biotone Energy Tonic

Biotone Energy Tonic

Various research and clinical trials conducted in France over the last 40 years have shown the following benefits with regular use of BIOTONE®:

  • Reduces fatigue and improves concentration and memory
  • Increases energy and motivation
  • Reduces muscular soreness
  • Increases sexual desire in both men and women

BIOTONE® is praised for its gradual and sustained release of energy (over an eight hour period) and low sugar content.

Available at Dischem and leading pharmacies nationwide.

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