PowerDot – a personal pocket masseuse for all athletes!


I got a call from EnduroHub to review a muscle massaging machine. I expected a life size Geisha-looking robot with a Japanese accented mono-tone voice. Instead I got very small black case, no bigger than a packet of Lays, with 3 red plastic buttons and a USB cable in it. I was almost disappointed.

I was looking at an ultra-portable EMS device. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. The three red buttons are the electrodes that induce the stimulation. Primarily it is designed to activate a controlled muscle stimulus, but actually the device delivers much more. If you, like me, fear for the PowerDot to be a gimmick, fear no more, I did my research. The American Food and Drug administration, defines it capabilities as such: relaxation of muscle spasms, increasing local blood circulation, muscle re-education and maintaining or increasing range of motion, amongst others.

IMG_2040PowerDot itself claims that it speeds up recovery, improves endurance, prevents injuries and boosts stamina and strength, for 14 different muscle groups. All of that sounds quite in line with the FDA’s explanation, and I knew my body needed that.

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So, as an athlete fighting the never-ending recovery battle, all that was left for me was to put it to the test. On a previous occasion I was hooked up at the physiotherapist to an EMS machine, but I had many cables dangling from me, making me feel like a lab monkey. The PowerDot was ALTOGETHER DIFFERENT.

It works with bluetooth via a very easy-to-operate app from your smart phone. I downloaded it, stuck the three electrodes to my quads, chose a desired massage setting, and voila, it worked seamlessly. I could increase or decrease the stimulus to a desired level, thus controlling its efficiency. Truly, it felt like my own personal masseuse! It has many massage settings: strength, maximum speed, general massage and many more.


The effect of the PowerDot is very, very real. So much so, that I backed off it in the week before Ironman SA, much like you would not want to get over-massaged in any case before a big race. I knew however, that I would abuse the PowerDot post-Ironman, and I did just that. My wasted Ironman legs absorbed it better than any post-race beer I had. It was glorious. I used it at the airport, on the taxi, anywhere I chose. After each session it felt like I had a decent massage. I want to repeat that: a decent massage. I have used it primarily as a post-race and post-training tool for now, but it offers much more. I use the PowerDot when I work, watch TV, read a book, you name it. You can actually walk around with it. I can carry on singing its praises, but to sum it up, I believe in this product. The standout features for me are its portability, “cable-free-ness”, and also, that you don’t have to book a session. You just put it on. It is simply a pleasure.


The Powerdot costs 199 US dollars, or roughly the price of 8 massages, give or take. It is totally worth the money. As for me, I hope to pry this loan unit off PowerDotSA for a dime or two. Race entries are slowly but certainly depleting my cash flow.

Try the PowerDot. This personal, portable masseuse will make you very happy.

Go to http://www.getpowerdot.co.za if you want to find out more.