Puma adds new SA workouts to Pumatrac

PUMA ZONE XT Takkies 10 lo

Cape Town, South Africa, 25 March 2020 – PUMA’s training app PUMATRAC, which offers over 2400 minutes of training for free, now includes a second round of workouts with local brand ambassadors Takkies and Shane Burnell. They are bodyweight workouts, so no equipment is needed and the more you train, the more PUMATRAC learns about you and suggests personalised workouts.


Takkies and Shane host workouts alongside global ambassadors including Lewis Hamilton, Adriana Lima, Pamela Reif and Daniel Fox, on the innovative training app which suggests daily boxing, ballet, strength, Pilates as well as high intensity interval (HIIT) and low intensity interval (LIIT) workouts – ideal for training at home.


PUMA ZONE XT Shane 17 lo

Sign up for the free app on Google Play or the App store and invite friends to join workouts scheduled for a specific day and time to keep each other motivated.


To add some extra motivation, PUMA will be rewarding each of the three users with the highest Trac scores between 24 March and 7 April 2020 with a pair of PUMA training shoes.


For more information click on the PUMATRAC icon at the za.puma.com website or for an easy download of the PUMATRAC app, scan the QR code: