Pure Adventures and USL.TV partner to provide live streaming race coverage


SAN FRANCISCO, USA/CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA– (May 26, 2015) – Pure Adventures and UltraSportsLive (USL.TV) today announced a partnership to provide live streaming coverage of races in South Africa beginning with the iconic Ultra-trail Cape Town. Hosted on the USL.TV platform, the live streaming coverage will include expert commentary and utilize USL.TV’s innovative tracking technology along with live camera angles to acquire exact geo-positioning of athletes during the race, allowing fans to follow their favorite athletes during the entire length of the event.


USL.TV is a media and technology platform revolutionizing event and race coverage of some of the greatest endurance challenges worldwide. Through live streaming video, real-time GPS racer tracking, dynamic course previews, expert commentary and interviews, and engaging post-race highlight reels, USL.TV connects fans to every step of the event and delivers elite coverage of every participant. “We are very excited to partner with Pure Adventures to bring our race viewing experience to South Africa” said USL.TV Founder and CEO Mike Cloward. “The USL.TV experience we provide for spectators and fans of the sport will first be showcased at the legendary Ultra-trail Cape Town and will set the perfect stage for future race and event coverage in South Africa.”


Pure Adventures, the premier event management and race organization in South Africa, produces some of the world’s most iconic endurance and multi stage off road races, from trail running to mountain biking. ““Specatorizing” these events has always been an issue for Race Organizations as the areas are remote and hard for spectators to access. Offering a cutting edge Live Platform to Races will change the way they’re perceived and allow races to maximize their marketing ability. Athletes can now be followed live on our USL.TV platform and information is immediate and up to date” said Michael de Haast, Pure Adventures Co-Founder.


The premier of the USL.TV platform in South Africa will take place at the iconic Ultra-trail Cape Town Race on October 3, 2015. “As race organizers we’ve been envious of the interactive media coverage international endurance races have put on display in recent years. When we heard USL.TV was coming to South Africa we jumped on the opportunity as it would greatly benefit the race, both from a remote spectator experience to on route participant safety” said Nic Bornman, Ultra-trail Cape Town’s race organizer. Nic adds, “Thanks to the live tracking and broadcasting it will be possible for anyone to follow the action on some of Table Mountain’s most remote locations, bringing to life these extraordinary endurance efforts. These are exciting times that will quite simply revolutionise the way people experience the race and we are excited to be part of it.”


Professional Ultrarunner Sally McRae will be traveling from California to race Ultra-trail Cape Town this year. “I fell in love with Cape Town while visiting in 2001. So when I learned about UTCT there was no hesitation—I had to do that race.” She adds, “I am overjoyed at the thought of going back to one of my favorite places to race and have my family and friends back home be able to follow me as if they were there spectating.”



Pure Adventures is an event management and race organization specialist. We pride ourselves in offering activities that utilize our wonderful African environment and that takes individuals out of their suburban comfort zones, returning them to the wilderness that is synonymous with our culture and continent. The outdoors is our playground, our events are our passion and the athletes and groups that make use of our services are all VIP’s in our eyes. Even though our events are primal in a way, we have always embraced technology and platforms to “Spectatorize” our events with our live tracking solutions and social media apps we are a market leader in this space in South Africa. www.pureadventures.co.za



Ultra-trail Cape Town is the premier trail ultramarathon in South Africa that takes place in one of the worlds most popular city destinations on the pristine trails of Table Mountain, a World Heritage Site and one of the new Natural Seven Wonders of the World. The event hosts three races- 100km, 65km and 20km to challenge any skill level. www.ultratrailcapetown.com


About USL.TV

USL.TV is a media and technology platform-revolutionizing event and race coverage of the world’s greatest races. Through live streaming video, real-time racer tracking, dynamic course previews, expert commentary and interviews, and engaging post-race highlight reels, USL.TV connects fans to every step of each event. The use of multiple live cameras and up to the minute GPS tracking allow viewers to watch the event the way they want to. Follow the leaders or watch friends and family as they navigate some of the world’s most challenging courses. www.usl.tv


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