Q&A with Donovan Geldenhuys, EnduroHub KZN Ambassador.

donovan-Q&ADonovan Geldenhuys, an Enduro Hub Ambassador, is an accomplished tri-athlete that joined the Enduro Hub Team recently. The Muddy Cyclist caught up with Donovan down in Kwa-Zulu Natal where he lives to chat to him about his next race and what makes the man tick.

Muddy: So Donovan, what race will you be doing this weekend.

Donovan: I’ll be racing the 5150 Bela Bela

Muddy: Have you done this race before?

Donovan: Nope, it’ll be the first time for me. It will also be the first time I’ll be competing in the elite age group category.

Muddy: That’s brilliant, will you be aiming for a podium?

Donovan: Well like my coach always says, I have the ability to podium and should make it my aim at every race. That said this race does not suite me since it has allot of climbs on the bike leg and would be more suitable for lighter riders. I also don’t do to well with altitude and would do this more for the experience, but I will definitely give it my all.

Muddy: What kind of training and preparation have you done for this event?

Donovan: I focused on building a good base during the winter, since my main focus is TriRock, The Midlands Ultra, Jailbrake and then the Iron Man 70.3. This race will be part of my training. I started with some speed work in all three disciplines and my focus would be on the half Iron Man.

Muddy: Which of the discipline are your strongest and which one would you recon you’d loose some time?

Donovan: I would say my strongest is the run leg where I aim for a 37min 10km run. I’m a strong swimmer in the pool but struggle in open water and my bad eyesight is a bit of a disadvantage. My biggest challenge at this event would be the biking leg and I am going to give it my all even if this means I might struggle a bit on the run.

Muddy: How much of an effect would the non-drafting rule have in this race?

Donovan: I mostly train solo and focus on my own effort so this would suite me, I will make sure that I have strong swim and try to get on the bike with the leading guys.

Muddy: Nutrition and race weapon of choice?

Donovan: I just got a brand new BMC Time Machine 01, 2014 model and this is the first time I feel comfortable on a tri-bike. It will be my first race on the new bike. In a short race like this I would use Cadence Marathon for hydration and fuel myself with bunch of 32Gi gels. I try not to eat solids during a race.

Muddy: How important is a quick transition and is there any special routine you follow?

Donovan: Haha no I don’t have any special routine, get in and out as fast as possible.

Muddy: Last question – red or white wine the night before the race?

Donovan: Red!!

The 5150 Bela Bela Triathlon is the ultimate African bushveld bash that takes place at the Forever Warmbaths Resort. Athletes swim 1.5km in the ski dam on the resort, bike 40km northbound on the hilly D10-Alma Road and run a flat, undulating 10km course in the resort.