Radio Soundbites – Berg River Canoe Marathon Stage One

Berg2013LogoNine time champion Hank McGregor took control of the 2015 Berg River Canoe Marathon over an altered first stage from Hermon to Bridgetown
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IN: racing on a very low river…
OUT: Bridgetown
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Nine time Berg River Canoe Marathon champion Hank McGregor tells Kyle Gilham that he was happy with his opening stage win despite the tough conditions and although he spent five hours in the boat he is looking forward to trying to increase his lead heading into the second stage of the 2015 edition of the race.

IN: The conditions were…
DUR: 02.02
OUT: What happens…
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Berg River Canoe Marathon defending champ Andy Birkett tells Kyle Gilham that despite finishing nearly three minutes back from stage one winner Hank McGregor, he was pleased with how his opening day went and had a great time on the river as he looked to overcome the countless tree blocks and freezing cold temperatures.

IN: Ya I’m really happy…
DUR: 00.59
OUT: …for five hours of racing.
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