Ride2Nowhere Legends!


Don’t take our word for it – ask the legends…

Ultimately, the Ride2Nowhere is about the people. You, the riders, are what makes this event so special. We asked some of the legends – those who have ridden three or more R2N’s – just what it is that has them coming back to McGregor year-after-year


The Ride2Nowhere is in its seventh year in 2018 and one very special rider has been with us since inception. “Being at the Ride2Nowhere from that very first event has been a fantastic experience,” says Hans de Ridder. “As a person who loves the true essence of mountain biking – as in just going out in nature to ride – it has delivered every time,” he says.


“The event is close to my heart, I love the trails and the friendly and professional way Eulogy and her teams treat everybody, from beginner to wannabe pro. And, they will always go out of their way to assist and ensure each participant have an enjoyable experience,” he says, adding that it’s been great to see that the event has not changed its character over the years. “That chilled and relaxed event with no frills no fuss, whilst delivering a quality experience, is phenomenal.”


For Hans, it’s also the tranquility of the setting in McGregor – an escape from the city – and, he mentioned, the trails that keeps luring him back. “The trails that Con has developed is fantastic and every year it just gets better. The event caters for all levels of riders and the great food from the local community is something to look forward to.”


Andy and Janette Wright have nine R2N’s between them, with Andy having done five and Janette four, like Hans they aren’t short on praise for the route. “The tracks Con lays out get better and better every year,” says Andy. “And, the water tables are always a treat and the relaxed race village is always fun to be around.”


“Paul on the mic is a laugh-a-minute and the riders respond by being relaxed while riding which sums up why we go, we always enjoy ourselves,” he says.


Adrian Good, who has been to three, echoes Andy’s sentiments. “The relaxed approach to the riding and the way the town embraces the event is amazing,” he says. “The mix of great riding and cool places to explore in McGregor when you’re finished.  Over the years we’ve found some great pubs, boutique wineries and restaurants.”


R2N is also a permanent fixture on the MTB calendar for Chris Blackshaw and his wife Jen. “We have always travelled back to Cape Town on the Sunday afternoon with our bodies telling us we had participated in three days of exciting MTB riding,” says Chris. “But, at the same time in a refreshed and re-energised state ready to face the daily challenges back home,” he adds.


Aside from the riding, a big attraction for the Blackshaws lies in the vibe and the food. “The wholesome food and the friendly manner in which it is prepared and served by the local church folk, is really special,” he says.


“We also love the relaxed vibe at the race village, in the town and during the race. The riders are a friendly, mixed-age crowd who interact well whether it is on the route, under the race village tent or in the local pub watching the rugby, as well as the wonderful organisation and stunning route.”


“Oh, and…” he adds, “ the one-of-kind race briefings in the evenings with info and comedy being presented in equal doses.