SkyRun Tip #1 – Look before you jump!

Banner#1Three weeks have passed since I entered the Salomon SkyRun, a 100km ultra trail running event traversing the Drakensberg. And to date I have not run a single stride.

Why? Because I’ve got 2 small daughters and with both bringing some super flu bug back from crèche, I was ambushed into a flu which turned into bronchitis. I was man-down for 3 weeks with nothing to do but reading up on how not to prepare.

The Salomon SkyRun is not a typical trail event, and definitely not a tar pounding road ultra-marathon.  During this event you would need navigation skills, be able to go over some fairly large rocks and essentially run whenever possible.

Running senseless hours on gravel roads without testing your skills in terms of stopping and climbing over boulders, would definitely be doing it wrong. Your ankles and knees need to be able to adapt continuously to the changing terrain.

Assuming that you leave running in full kit till race day, will end your journey very quickly. And when you take on an event that requires you to feed yourself during the race, you will have to focus on how your body will react to different food.

In other words don’t jump without looking – in the coming weeks leading up to the event I will chat to different experts and run with a couple of them to equip myself for this huge adventure! Follow the idiot on his quest to on conquer the Salomon SkyRun.