Standard Bank Boschendal Duo & Trail Challenge #2 Recce Ride

Imagine how fast you would fly down this section.

Imagine how fast you would fly down this section.

The past weekend top SA triathlete Vicky van der Merwe joined the recce ride of the upcoming Standard Bank Boschendal Duo & Trail Challenge #2 and expressed her amazement with the beautiful route in superlative terms. Expect Vicky on the start line next Saturday! This mountain bike & trail run duo, taking place on Saturday 23 July, is single track heaven and offers an experience money can’t buy. Variuos bike/run distances are on offer and trail-run-only events too. Your bike and your trail shoes is all you need for this race, presented by Amoija Events.

The views from the top are breathtaking, but there is a problem. It all starts with a bang. The first climb is a long, relentless climb and the kind that doesn’t stop till you reach maximum elevation. If you go in the red from the start you will pay a price. Check that profile photo. You will have to manage the climb. Ride at a manageable pace. There are kickers that will definitely make you push your bike if mismanage your pace.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Once you level out against the mountain it is time to go flatout before you hit the single track.Prepare for steep downwards hairpins, the kind that needs good skills. Many bikers have a “good side” and a “bad side” in terms of a left or right turning hairpin. Your bad side will be tested here.

The single tracks are not the rock-strewn type, but also not the sweepy pine bed type. There are enough bumps, lots of roots, boulders and very slippery off camber sections that will turn your bike’s rubber skywards if you are not wide awake. Seasoned MTB’rs will have a definite edge. Take care, because a roller coaster it will be. After some serious downhill single track, at about halfway, two more climbs wait with exciting single track to follow.

The run is as much exciting single track, reaching 200m max elevation at exactly half way. Expect one river crossing that will drench your shoes. The Standard Bank Boschendal Duo will be more than just a mid-winter fun event, it will be a real testing race. But of course we only do it because we enjoy it. All the enjoyble stuff will be there, mud sweat, maybe even tears. See you next Saturday.

Vicky negotiating fast dropping single track.

Vicky negotiating fast dropping single track.

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