PUMA Running presents: Ignite your city Paris


Cape Town, South Africa (20th October, 2015) – The IGNITE YOUR CITY film series drops its seventh installment with Paris. The next stop on the IGNITE YOUR CITY series is New York. This time, PUMA gathers four runners from the French capital for an after-hours sprint around the city’s less trodden locations. Supporting them in their run is PUMA’s latest ...

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Puma running presents IGNITE your city Cape Town


Cape Town, South Africa (30TH SEPTEMBER, 2015) – The IGNITE YOUR CITY film series drops its sixth installment with Cape Town. In IGNITE YOUR CITY – Cape Town, PUMA takes six local runners for an ambitious dash through the streets and uphill roads of the South African city. Enhancing their run are PUMA IGNITE running shoes with a new mesh ...

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Puma running presents IGNITE your city / Beijing


Cape Town, South Africa (20TH AUGUST, 2015) – The IGNITE YOUR CITY film series drops its fifth installment with Beijing. The spotlight is back on the bustling Chinese capital as it hosts the 15th IAAF Track & Field World Championships. In IGNITE YOUR CITY | Beijing, PUMA gathers four teams of two for a relay run around the capital from ...

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Puma Running presents Ignite Your City / Havana


Cape Town, South Africa (23rd June, 2015) – The IGNITE YOUR CITY film series drops its fourth installment with Havana. In IGNITE YOUR CITY | Havana, PUMA brings three American runners, traveling to Cuba for the first time, together with three members of the Cuban National Track & Field team for a mad dash through Havana. Their epic run is ...

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Puma launches IGNITE your city series

As part of this epic running series featuring the all-new PUMA IGNITE, Japanese runners marked the first stop with Tokyo.  Five runners ran five, 5-kilometer races in five cities.  To demonstrate the maximum energy return and durability of PUMA IGNITE, they did it all in 24 hours.

Cape Town, South Africa (16 February 2015) – Today PUMA launched the IGNITE Your City film series after unveiling the new-to-market PUMA IGNITE running shoe a week prior. IGNITE Your City features ten global running crews as they ignite their respective cities by pushing the boundaries of their run while wearing the new PUMA IGNITE. They do it for the bragging rights, ...

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IGNITE Q&A With Usain Bolt

PUMA Bolt-Ignite 6 lo

Q: When do you wear IGNITE? A: I start out with IGNITE as a running shoe to warm up before going into a spike, and it’s important that I wear a shoe that is comfortable and keeps my energy up. I love IGNITE for that, and can feel it make a real difference. It’s a pretty good-looking shoe as well. ...

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Usain Bolt and Puma “Ignite” New York City

Runners Harness Energy in Times Square to Launch New PUMA IGNITE Running Shoe

Cape Town, South Africa (11 February 2015) – Usain Bolt was at the heart of a spectacular stunt in New York last night to launch PUMA IGNITE, a running shoe that provides maximum energy return. In the energy hub of the city that never sleeps, runners powered away on treadmills in Times Square throughout the day with the energy from ...

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