Testing the CASCO Speedairo RS


Previously we looked at the specs of the Casco Speedairo RS helmet, but on Saturday I took it for an 80 Km/800m elevation TT ride in the sublime West Coast Nature Reserve near Langebaan. Other than safety, factors like comfort, noise, temperature and stability would be a concern. Also, regarding the visor, my main issue was the sweat factor. Putting it on, I right away realized the simple clip and omission of sunglasses would reduce the fumbling factor in transition 1.

As I pedaled off, the panoramic view of the visor had me smiling. It almost felt like watching a movie in an IMAX theatre. The range of uninterrupted view is amazing. The photo-chromatic material is of top quality, very relaxing on the eyes and on par with any top brand sunglasses.

As far as stability and comfort goes, the Casco excelled. You do not want a helmet that dances or shakes on its interior fitting system when wind or rough road surfaces come into play. Without over-tightening it, the Casco was solid as a rock. The inner net makes it very comfortable, but for an even more airy ride, it can also be removed. Wind noise was quite low, courtesy of the aerodynamic visor, seamlessly connecting with the helmet.

Testing the helmet in the pristine West Coast Nature Reserve near Langebaan.


Regarding temperature, on some slow climbs I felt like questioning the heat levels I experienced. However, reminding myself of the heat I encounter when mountain biking at the same speeds, my fears were dispelled. The vents do a sufficient job. At high speeds temperature was no factor at all, and the mesh that covers the vents made the airflow very gentle.

I anticipated sweat to drip inside the visor, compromising its clarity, but at the risk of sounding like a Casco salesman, not one drop ended on the visor. It was not a scorching day, but 80 Km at 30.7 average generates sweat on any day. With one firm forwards and upwards tug with my finger under the nose piece, I could push the visor up and onto the helmet. I would however, advise a bit of practice for this move.

The best parts were when I forgot about the helmet on my head. Many a time I had to remind myself to think about it, seeing that I was supposed to review it, and that is good news in itself. I would have to think hard to find something about the Casco Speedairo RS that bugged me. In three weeks it will be race time with the Casco Speedairo RS. I am looking forward!

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Due to aesthetical constraints, the author of this article has gracefully bowed out of contention and wants to thank Hilda Hopkin-Visagie for modelling the the Casco RS Speedairo