The 2018 AfricanX Trailrun presented by ASICS by Ulrica Stander


Sean and Ulrica completing Stage2 with a smile.

What a privilege, the 2018 AfricanX Trailrun presented by ASICS by Ulrica Stander. 
Looking back on the last few days running the African X, I realized once again, how extremely privileged we are running/doing events like these. An experience and feeling one will always treasure and remember for ever.
The one thing that makes the AfricanX so special and so unique is this one thing… The People! All the people involved inspired me, doing together what we love. This include the athletes, the marshalls, the support staff, the medics, the massage tent, the sponsors, the organizers… everybody. All ‘working’ towards the same goal. Massive thank you to everyone involved.
African X is truly an exceptional experience.
Day1:  Sean and myself started the race on a steady pace. Going into this event for the first time and with no experience.  Both of us have never run trails like this before and this was all new to us. Day 1 at Jonkershoek was very technical and as the top trail runners said, this route was more mountain climbing/Running than trail running. We had to focus on the single track and took it on, stride by stride. The breathtaking views from this mountain took all my focus away from the hard work of running. More than beautiful. I took some strain on the last 15km, but with the great support from my running partner I lift my head and felt better the last 4km heading towards the end of the race. Although Day 1 was hard on our bodies and mentally, we both ended this race with a big smile and a happy heart.
Day2:  We started day 2 at Boschendal, not knowing what to expect and not knowing what is lying ahead of us. With very stiff legs we tackled this race, full on. Sean and I, put our heads down and kept on going from one water station to the next. Running through water at some points contributed to some serious blisters but that didn’t hold us back. The last 15km of the race we took some strain in the heat but we managed to finish strong and by saying to one another… we did this.
Day3: Was a short 20km stage run through the beautiful Boschendal vineyards. This course is close to home, as both myself and Sean are road runners. We decided to take this last day of running in our stride and enjoyed this beautiful route. With stiff legs we managed to pulled through till the end, delighted.
All I can say is…. what an awesome event, what an amazing feeling, what an unique experience and WHAT a PRIVILEGE!
Well done to my awesome team mate and running partner Sean Hulley for being such an amazing support and team player. We did this as a team. Thank you so much to Enduro Hub for making this once in a lifetime experience possible. We are extremely grateful.