The Berg River Cross Triathlon – September 27


The Berg River Cross Triathlon is a welcome addition to the inaugural Enduroman ultra distance off-road triathlon. The aim was to offer a race that would be do-able for weekend warriors and athletes that like to go flat out and fast. A 1Km swim, 26 Km mountain bike ride and a 6 Km trail run are the perfect distances for a great race experience, leaving you with enough energy to finish the day off with a smile.  It is a total win-win situation for every participant: you get to see the beautiful Franschhoek surroundings first hand, and unlike the ultra-distance event, you live to see another day!

The “cold-ish” water of the Berg River dam will get the blood flowing like no alarm clock or caffeine fix can do, and after a 1 Km clockwise triangular swim, you will enter T1 to mount your bike. Packing a wetsuit is advisable. Ignore the wetsuit if you are a polar bear, or if your surname is “Pugh”. Unless you lack open water navigation skills altogether, you’ll will find yourself surrounded by the majestic Franschhoek mountains going into T1 after the swim.

The mountain bike leg profile

The mountain bike leg profile

Many “socks with sandals”-wearing Europeans pay thousands of euro’s to see this view, so consider yourself privileged to become part of  the Franschhoek mountains up close and personal, during your 26 Km bike ride. The local farmers opened up their farms for this event, and Geddan Ruddock designed a not too technical course, leaving you with at least 15 seconds to enjoy the view, if you race to win! With 600 meters of elevation, you will know you’ve climbed a bit, but nothing to induce a bout of depression. The bike leg finishes back at the transition area at the Berg River Dam, from where the trail run will begin. Please note that the bike route links up with the Enduroman© South Africa route at about 3.6km into the ride. Please allow these endurance athletes to pass with minimum interference. Don’t forget to offer them your unused, or even half-used energy gels. But even more important, please don’t shout “looking good” at them, because they won’t.

The trail run leg profile

The trail run leg profile

After T2, the run will consist of  a steady 4 Km climb to an elevation of 114 meters, followed by a very fast 2 Km downhill section. Feeling bright and breezy, you will then cross the finish line to the cheer of many spectators and loved ones! Then, and only then, you will be privileged to enjoy the luxury of lying down on green grass, sharing war stories and wondering why the ultra-distance participants prefer so much pain to pleasure. Click the link below, get your entry done and join us for this momentous occasion!

Race Information:

Start / Finish:        Bells Lodge, Berg River Dam, Franschhoek

Date:                        27 September 2014

Time:                       10H00


Swim:     10H45

MTB:      13H30

Run:       14H30

Format:                  Standard Cross Triathlon


Fun event – no categories


Swim:     1 000m

MTB:       26km

Run:        6km


Individual or Team


Date:      Wednesday 24 September 2014

Venue:   Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre, Canal WalkHi

Time:      12H00 – 16H00


Press Release was written by Frank Smuts. @FrankSmuts