The CASCO Speedairo RS helmet. Truly a thing of beauty.


If looks was the determining factor, just wearing the CASCO Speedairo RS helmet would up your average bike speed significantly in any race. The technology incorporated in the helmet is formidable and very functional. For the first of three reviews, let’s take a look at what comes out of the box.

Most important would be airflow, and the proprietary visor forms part of its efficiency in this regard. Steering away from long pointy TT helmets as current research dictate, the front view makes for a near perfect bubble. By all estimates, it should be very silent and allow for good airflow at all head angles. Sufficient vents guarantee a cool head, no matter how long the ride. An added feature is a rigid mesh that covers the front vents to prevent insects and road debris from hitching a ride on your cranium.

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The visor is kept in place by firm elastic bands, but it can be flipped up, should any unforeseen incident compromise visibility. Unlike some visors are that kept in place by magnets, this helmet and visor will not get separated, even during a robust transition or heavens forbid, a crash. There are four shades available, with the photo-chromatic visor being the flagship. Without the visor, the helmet maintains a solid look and functionality, and makes for a great road helmet, along with your favourite pair of shades.

The Speedairo RS rests on your head courtesy of a height-adjustable internal net, totally eliminating pressure points. It offers a soft fit, great for long rides. The double shell outer provides two crush zones. Another great feature is the simplistic clip that secures the strap. A single-handed tug unclips the strap. You will truly be able to rack your bike and unclip your helmet at the same time. The handsome travelling case is another bonus. This review might sound like a sales pitch, but the CASCO Speedairo RS is truly a thing of beauty. Even on days when you don’t feel the part, this helmet will still make you look the part. In my next review I will take the Casco out for a long TT ride, and report back.

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