The Durbanville Triathlon – Why it matters


The Durbanville Triathlon has become an institution in the past few years. The main reason is that traditionally, it was the last triathlon of the season, and maybe it still is. After Ironman and the ITU Cape Town race, this is where all triathletes get together to end the season. If there are other triathlons lurking around, that would be awesome, but the Durbanville triathlon would still be the year-end party of the Western Cape triathlon season. The Durbanville farmlands are as beautiful as ever: green meadows and blue skies forever. There are many race distances, catering for all levels of capability and post season injuries. They range from very short to not very long. All of them are pain-friendly. So wipe the fog from your swimming goggles and show up.


Why does it matter? For starters, it is the last time you will be using your wetsuit in a long time. After this race the water gets too cold for swimming outside, even with a wetsuit. You will be smelling chlorine on your fingers for about four months after this race. As far as the bike course goes, although it is classified as off-road, the bike course is not technical at all. This year’s Argus was more technical than this course, so roadie triathletes have a great opportunity to rub the off-road athletes’ noses in dust. Pump your mountain bike tyres hard. The run is also no ankle snapper. The last 1.5 Km is probably the fastest finish for many a run route: a little downhill followed by an ever so slight descent that will up your cadence to the max, right up to the finish line. It is a blast.

Once you pass the finish line, it will time to justify why you were actually not in great form for this race, and reminisce about the 2014-2015 triathlon season. All the usual requirements will be there, like cold ones and boeries. And of course, there will also be roll call, so make sure you show up. It is going to be fun. Just follow this link: durbanville_tri/durbanville_tri_entry

Durbanville Triathlon 2015 (Provisional Flyer)