The Garmin Fenix 3 – Bluetooth is your friend

Garmin-Review-Banner-5Bluetooth used to be what you got when you chewed on your BiC pen in school. Today it is something entirely different, and some people shy away from it. I’ve come across quite a few athletes that use a late model Garmin multisport watch like the Fenix 3, but do not use the Bluetooth connectivity. They feel safe sticking to the ANT stick or USB cable, and ignore Bluetooth connectivity, reasoning they like things to be simple. Actually, that’s just what Bluetooth does, it makes things very simple. The other features that operate via Bluetooth, like LiveTrack and Smart Notifications make life even more convenient, but we’ll get to that on another day.

Processed with MoldivSetting up the Bluetooth connectivity is easy and it works seamlessly, making uploads via your smartphone or tablet effortless. When connected to your phone, the moment your training session ends, it gets uploaded automatically. With the Garmin Connect Mobile app the entire logging-in ritual to view your training data gets eliminated. Just tap the app and see everything you want to see. Sharing your day’s training or race stats with your mates is also very easy. If they refuse to check your efforts via their Garmin Connections, they won’t miss a Whatsapp-ed screenshot of that massive climb you did.

Setting up the Bluetooth connectivity gets done via three main steps where you just follow very easy prompts. 1: Download Garmin Connect Mobile app. 2: Pair your Garmin Fenix 3 with your smartphone. 3: Open the app and add the device to your Garmin Connect account. (Fenix 3 or any Garmin watch that has Bluetooth connectivity.)

Have fun! You might just find the simplicity of Bluetooth very liberating.