The Garmin Fenix 3. Dress for success.

01-Garmin-weeklySports watches are about functionality. They do what they are supposed to do: track your sports activities. However, many athletes take it off and revert to their favourite dress watch when they step out of the shower. With the Fenix 3 there is no more need for it. Its functionality outclasses any other sports watch, and the box for a classy look has also been checked. The moment you end your activity it becomes a fashionable watch.

Silver Edition Analog


There are three versions: the Silver, Grey and Sapphire editions. All three have a glass screen, as opposed to plastic as used by most sports watches. The Sapphire edition has an even higher grade, scratch resistant glass. It also comes with a metal strap. Simply select your favourite watch face. Choose from digital and analog options or even buy and download new ones. Awesomeness!


Sapphire Edition Analog