The Zone3 Vision wetsuit – entry level that swims like pro level


Reviewed for Enduro Hub by Frank Smuts


The Zone3 Vision swim wetsuit is meant to be an entry level suit, but it made me swim better than an entry level athlete. To pay an entry level price and swim like a top level athlete sounds like a win-win to me. Let’s look closer at the Zone3 Vision wetsuit.

The best testing takes place in a controlled environment, so it was off to an open-air pool with the Vision. In mid-winter the pool temperature is a very cold 13 degrees. With my current brand wetsuit I wear a 5mm hooded chicken vest under the wetsuit to survive 2000m in that pool. The neck collar is a fold-over design, which bonded excellently with the skin and allowed no water in, not even during rather fierce kick-offs. The entire suit had a very soft feel on my body, which had me nervous regarding heat retention. The opposite was true. The suit looked after as well as my current suit with the 5mm hoodie. Regarding speed, with no added effort my pace was as good and slightly above average, given my effort. Just one technical point: from the hips down the suit is made of 5mm neoprene to balance out the heavy legs thing.  Works for me.

After that it was off to Small Bay with a tri buddy, who is my superior in terms of swimming. We banked a solid 1.6 km swim, during which I stayed closer to said buddy than usual. Buddy might have been off pace, I might have been fired up in the new Vision wetsuit, but either way, if it was fast, then it is fast.

I will race with this suit.

Zone3 brags about their suit being the fastest of any suit to get out of, courtesy of an embedded silicone layer on the inside. I will give the Vision 10/10 on that count. The suit kind of flops off your body, stress-free, in seconds. Other than the silicone effect, the rubber is super soft and just rolls down effortlessly. I like.

As an entry level suit, you would expect an obvious compromise here and there in terms of features. Once again, none of it was present. It does not look, feel or swim like an entry level suit. You can buy it for serious racing. The last point: all of the above is unbiased. True story.

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