TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Introduction review

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The TomTom Cardio is well presented in a small box and showcase.


Written by Tiaan Pretorius.

A year after TomTom introduced their Runner and Multi-Sport GPS watches,  they refreshed the range with a new Cardio addition, but with one big change: the built-in heart rate monitor.

After a 5-month injury layoff from sport I now have the opportunity to start cycling again and at the same time, review the new TomTom Cardio GPS watch. This review is just a short introduction to the watch. More specific and in depth reviews will follow over the next few months.


New red and black strap with built-in HR monitor.


The core features of the TomTom Cardio was kept straightforward and user friendly. TomTom also kept it compatible with previous heart rate straps. The one noticeable change is the optical sensor on the backside. More about the heart rate sensor at a later stage. I found the bright red and black strap aesthetically pleasing, with a few small but crucial changes.


The pod with your USB charging cable and stand, ideal for your desktop. Used for both charging and synchronising.



The USB charge cable is used for both charging and synching of data via your desktop or laptop. A fantastic new feature is the ability to sync your training sessions with your phone, via the downloadable app.

Design and Quality

TomTom stuck to their original design as you can see on the photos, which also offers interchangeable straps in a variation of colours. The extra grip rubber strap sits comfortably, with no slipping around on your arm.


Extra grip on the strap is a welcome change giving you that extra security.

I managed to squeeze in just over 6 hours of training in my 1st week with the watch. I will report back on the details of those session in due course. The watch plugs into a sizable charging unit with a built-in USB cable, which you would probably keep with you at all times for regular charging. Like some other sports watches, you will not be able to access the watch while on charge mode.


Writing my review while also testing the download and charging functions.


The Cardio Multi-Sport is a very comfortable training partner. The size of the strap and screen provides for an attractive training look. Forgetting it on your your arm after a training session would greatly improve your image!


Monochrome LCD screen with joystick-like pad.

If you’re anything like myself you would sync every time you train. The bonus is that your watch charges while you download sessions, but you also now have the option of downloading training results with Bluetooth via your phone.

The screen was kept very simplistic, which according to me isn’t necessarily a negative, but simple things like checking the battery status could become an issue.

All reviews reflects my own experience and it would be great to hear from you should you have any questions or additional information.

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